Can't see the forum topics

First my apologies if I reopen an already discussed theme.

Since yesterday I can’t see all the forum topic like it used to be. I only can see the topics I marked as “tracked” and nothing else. I can see the entire forum topics when clicking on “Topics” on top of the left side part of the forums but I prefer not to see this part because I feel it’s disturbing. And I don’t want to check the entire topics with replies to find what is of interest for me. I just want to click on “German” and read the German part of the forums.
Thank you for your help.

Don’t use the Topics link on the left menu. Instead, simply click on the Postcrossing logo at the top – that will take you to the forum homepage and in there you’ll find the link for the German - Deutsch community section.

Thank you. I did and I see only the three topics I marked as tracked. And nothing else. It worked before the latest forums update. I use Firefox.

Sounds like things may be in a weird state for you. Try logging out from the forum and logging in again. If that issue persists, try clearing your web browser cookies.

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