Can't see my latest sent cards on my profile

i requested several addresses to send postcard to back on september 30, but when i go to my profile, they don’t show up in the list of “sent” cards. it’s been so long since i’ve sent any, i’ve forgotten whether that’s normal or if something’s wrong.

my guess is that maybe the database updates a little behind given the flurry of WPD, but honestly i have no idea. anyone know? thanks!

If you have sent those cards just a few days ago, they are still travelling I suppose.
Have you looked at your travelling cards?

They appear as sent, only after they have been registered.



If the cards are still “on their way / not yet registered” or need to be written and send, you can see the cards here: “traveling postcards”. ( Regarding your PC profile.)

As others have said, cards only appear as sent once registered, and until then will appear as travelling postcards here:

That’s normal! If they appeared as “sent” already they would be public, and then the recipient could stumble across it and ruin the surprise. :scream:

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but now you are back, and this is wonderful! Your friends remember you well!


aw thanks bärchen :bear:

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thanks everyone for the replies. i suspected that was the case, but as i said, i’ve completely forgotten how it works here given how long i’ve been absent :grin:

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