Can't request new addresses

Hi guys,

My name is wani. I wanted to send the postcard but the server said that Malaysia (my country) is currently not possible to send postcards from Malaysia. I just send a few postcards last month and the receiver received my postcard but it seems like today (31/3) is not currently available. Does someone have the same problem as me?

Thank you for your reply. I hope the problem can be solved as soon as possible because I would really love to send more postcards.


I’m sure someone from Admin will chime in here, but it may have to do with Malaysia’s post office not being able to mail to 246 countries right now - that’s one of the highest restrictions in the world sadly - the pandemic is hard on our postal systems. :disappointed_relieved:

Check the postal monitor

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@LC-Canada Thank you for your information. but last month I have sent a postcard from Singapore and there’s no problem with it :pensive: I would love to send and received a postcard from the others. I am very excited to send one of the postcard collections that I have made by myself. I hope this problem could be solved as soon as possible :sweat:

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When a country’s postal system reduces where you can send mail to dramatically, it can take a little while for algorithm to catch up as most countries can’t be in the pool you draw from now. Not much you can do if your postal system closes down so much. So be patient & I’m sure you’ll hear something soon.

If I recall correctly, users from Malaysia can only send cards to Malaysia and Singapore.

It is possible that at the moment there aren’t any available addresses from these two countries, unfortunately.


Do you have the box ticked to say you’re prepared to send postcards to your own country? If you don’t have this ticked, you’re restricted even further, and can only send to Singapore.


Yes the users above have said it - Malaysians can only send to Singapore for now due to postal service restrictions. I’m from Singapore and several Malaysians who sent postcards to me expressed their disappointment at being able to only draw Singapore addresses for now.

Don’t worry too much for now - hopefully the postal service restrictions will ease soon! :crossed_fingers:t3:


Hi @UchihaWanio8, welcome to Postcrossing and to the forum! :wave:

Indeed, as others said, the problem here is that Pos Malaysia only sends letter post items (like postcards) to Malaysia and Singapore. That means 98.9% of postcrossers are not reachable, which makes it very hard (although not impossible, just try later) to have someone eligible at any given moment — that’s even if you select the option to allow exchanges with your own country and for (more often) country repetitions to occur.

I’m afraid until Pos Malaysia resumes mail to more countries, there’s little we can do here. :worried:


:sparkles: It’s time for another Dumb Question from PinkNoodle :sparkles:

Malaysians can receive mail from other countries, yes? Even if they’re not able to send to anywhere but Singapore at the moment?

Yes, precisely. Sending and receiving are seemingly separate processes for the post.

Last year, for example, I couldn’t send anything to New Zealand until October but my pen pal was able to write to me already in July.

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The ability to send and receive mail is not only in the authority of the postal service, as other functions can impact this. For instance the customs may not allow import or export of mail from countries the government considers high-risk areas (I think New Zealand restricted import very much to ensure no new infectuous material could come in, while export wasn’t impaced, as New Zealand is COVID-19-free). Then transport capacity currently is scarce, so some countries prioritize what they really need to im- and export, and let’s face it, in this time mail is no longer on the top priority list - businesses have other ways to send important documents, either electronically or by courier service.


I’m not really sure if that was correct? I still received postcards from high-risk countries last year. But so many of my postcards sent expired in November/December that I think our post didn’t export the mail like they should have due to space restrictions. And interestingly, we were told not to send any non-essential mail during the only nationwide lockdown in March '20, so I didn’t sent postcards until lockdown ended.

My sympathies to Malaysian PC’s until their post opens up again! I would have thought with Air Asia being a hub that post could go out pretty ok.

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Just last week I have received two cards from Malaysia through a swap… From that I thought that they can send ot more countries again?

It makes me wonder if they have updated their list recently. Im pretty sure they do, but if it takes time to update their list, postcrossing might be using a more restrictive list than the actual destinations open…

At one point we couldn’t send to Australia, and I sent a mail there, noticing the restriction after mailing. Our Post office site wrote, that all letter and package mail is returned to the sender, so I was waiting to get it back, but suddenly my friend wrote she got the letter!

This made me very curious, as I thought nothing goes there then, but obviously that was not the case.

Maybe they try to still forward the mail via third countries but can’t guarantee arrival and therefore say that it’s not available? A precaution measure? :thinking: Or they have very limited availabilities and want to discourage people to send mail there, as they can only transport small amounts? Just guessing here, I have no further insight. :slight_smile:


Yes, must be something like that.
They wrote they don’t even forward it out from Finland, but I guess it was told not to get the normal amount of mail. I was happy, although I didn’t intentionally do it.

But of course, in Postcrossing, if you don’t get an address, you can’t even try.

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I read from one interview of our mail services, that if there are no regular mail connections, the mail to that destination is suspended. However if there is a chance to send mail forward, they do it. They gave an example of getting an unexpected chance to send mail to South Korea, even if normal connections were suspended at that time. (I am assuming if some cargo transport has empty space, they may accept mail, but the cargo has the priority). They did say that they return only packages, no letter mail, so I did not want to test it and have my letters waiting in some storage place for months and months. It took one whole year till I could write to my penpal in Cyprus! Australia and New Zealand were suspended for about half a year, but I know one letter sent during suspension arrived there in three months.


I was told anything with return address gets returned. (Then, I contacted them to know what to expect to happen with it.)
But, they often don’t obviously know, as if I remember right, I sent that with customs form, filled it there, with the postal worker, and gave it to them, and they accepted it, even thought the information said, they don’t accept mail to these countries. It was good it didn’t got stuck anywhere!
And it was so fast too, I think under three weeks :slight_smile:

Interesting what Kanerva wrote! I have thought the mail waits somewhere, where it is only waiting. Not like queueing if they fit somewhere :slight_smile: