Can't find the sender Claire from Ohio [ CLOSE thanks to Sagitta !]

I received a nice Aspen card

Sended by Claire from Yellow Spring Ohio USA

I can’t find her on postcrossing ! Someone can help ?


Is it an official card of a forum card?
If it is an official card; you can request help from the admins. In the section where you registrate a card there is also the option:

If it is a forum card. Do you have swaps or maybe you won a lottery?

Nop its not official card :-/
I asked helps from admins anyway xD
I have too many swaps and i participate to many many topics ! I looks on my direct messages with “Ohio” “Claire” " Yellow" i can’t find anything :-/
I’m so desesperate now i hope someone will recognize this Claire or she will read this topics to say "Hey its me ! "

Oops! :sweat_smile:
I guess it is time for a new way to track you swaps and such. :joy:

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There is only one Claire (booters) from Yellow Springs, Ohio who is actively postcrossing. They don’t seem to have any activity on the forum though.

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I don’t think its her but i’ll send a message just in case !

Thanks Sagitta, she told me it was her she forgot the ID !!!
You are a super Heros ! xD
Thanks a lot !