Can't find Stats on travel times per country

I wasn’t able to locate the median and average times per Country for travel time between countries. For instance, how long does it take a postcard to get from the UK to Russia, or USA to Portugal, etc. I was able to find the one I wanted (USA to Russia) by searching the forums, but it seems to me that with all the data collected, this would be great information to have. Maybe it is there, but I couldn’t figure out how to access it.

Thanks - Layne

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I don’t think Postcrossing provides that data.
You can look statistic of top 10 postcrossers in each countries then you can calculate by yourself.


Though I really know that another distraction is the last thing I would need in my life (goodbye, gardenview, I will never find time to clean the windows again), a databank to play with would be awesome. Who doesn’t wanna know the median traveling time of cards from Bolivia to Mongolia in Spring of 2018 compared to Autumn of 2014 :wink: :innocent: :wink:
As postcrossing has this data for the single users, a meta-analysis should be possible too by some clever software, I guess.

As for @yudi’s suggestion, my first thought was that the stats of one superuser would be suffice. After checking some averages and medians (medii?) of DE’s #1 and #2, I was surprised to learn that there is some difference, even with common connections like DE-AT or BY-DE …
Seems one really would have to check a countries top5 at least.


Calling our statistic enthusiast @greenskull @TheBeaverFamily :smiley:

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I would recommend looking for some active user in your own town or close to it if possible, because travel times can variegate, especially in bigger countries.


I recommend checking out the websites of the national post offices. Maybe they provide this information. For example the German mail gives this information on this page: Briefporto Ausland & Postkarte International | Deutsche Post | Brief International

You need to scroll down to " Ausführliche Informationen speziell für Ihr Zielland/Zielregion" and then put the country into the “Zielland/Zielregion” box and leave letter/postcard as the product.

I have not checked out websites of other post offices but they might be similarly structured.

Out of curiosity, I checked Deutsche Post’s information about the country travel times that I can compare with my own stats. Let’s just say that Deutsche Post is rather optimistic. 6-8 days to Belarus, 7-11 days to Brazil? That’d be a small miracle! They also state that 3 days is their average delivery time to Canada…


I know as I feel the same way! As a data geek, this would be so interesting…

I also noticed that because I checked these stats a lot when I joined postcrossing but I thought it was maybe due to covid that it was slower than usual because I only joined during when it already started and don’t really have a comparison to how fast it was before.

I wonder if other countries might provide more realistic data.

Finnish mail services say their average time estimates were made “pre-covid” and delivery times are now longer. Still, priority letter mail to Australia 5-7 days, USA 4-7 days and Brazil 8-10 days… I hope my memory doesn’t fail me, but I don’t recall it being so fast.
I checked my pre-covid stats: to Australia 18, 21 and 22 days, to Brazil 14 and 32 days and to USA anything between 6 and 47 days, average being 13 days (May '18 - Aug '19).

There are no such statistics in their pure form.
But it is easy to get it if you do the following.

List the most active postcrossers.

Choose the one from the same country as you.
Let’s say – Willi from Germany.

Select Sent or Received. Let’s say Received.

Sort list by country. And don’t forget to add column Travelled.

Thus, you can see the on travel times from a particular country to the selected country.
If you calculate or estimate the average value, you will get an answer to your question.
For example, postcards from Uzbekistan to Germany go on average 31 days.

Likewise, you will be able to estimate the travel time from the selected country to any other.

If you want to get statistics for a rare country, then you can select the most active user of a particular country for your choice by following the link:
Let’s say Algeria:

And see how much time his postcards spent traveling from his country or to his country from others.

I believe the top-user-data is a bit more accurate for answering ‘how long do postcrossing-cards travel’.

To check the mailing time, the various postal services mostly send standardized letters and (less so) cards to chosen testpersons.

With the postcrossing-data, we have real people who sometimes take their time to send/register, postcards not letters, handwritten adresses, participants from all corners of their countries …
So for me, the averages/medians we can see/find here, are more attractive.


Hey everyone,

Is there a way that users can view transit stats between two locations? For example, I can see the transit for all my postcards traveling to Netherlands f, but I cannot see the overall Postcrossing community average transit time. It’d be quite interesting to see the efficiencies of different postal system partnerships.

Real world reason I ask, I’m expecting mail from Israel and want to see how that average postal time looks like. The feature could be quite useful.


What I usually do, I check the average travel time from the concerned country to my country in some profiles.
For example for Israel, I “Explore/Country” and then choose Israel. Then you have some users of Israel. You can go to their profile and sort by country to check the average.
Then you can go to the SENT section and check the minimum (for example) or the number of days that is the most present.

I know it’s not an “official” way but it gives an idea of the travel time :slight_smile:

I hope you’ll receive your postcard soon :slight_smile:


Similar to the above answer, I go to the stats of one of the most active postcrossers in one of the countries, and sort by median rather than average, and I find it gives relatively accurate times.


Hi. :wave:. I’m sure this info will be available but apologies I can’t seem to find it. I know I can see individual user postcard travel times to and from different countries but is there somewhere to see more global stats between countries? So for example if I’m writing a postcard to Israel from Australia for the first time but the user has never received a postcard from Australia, is there somewhere I can look up country average stats? Thank you :pray:

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visit the respective country and your country page Explore countries and territories in Postcrossing
Then check the most active members stats. It will give you a rough idea.


Thank you :pray: :heart: so confirming no way to do that without going into an individual’s profile?