Can't edit profile

Hi! I can’t edit my profile. When I’m in my profile settings I see the option: save changes, but I can’t edit anything

Hi @ijsbeer9!

That doesn’t sound normal… Do you mean here in the forum, or on your profile? And in either case, which device/OS are you using? Is there any error at all?

Let us know more details, so that we can try to help.

Here on the forum.
I’m using an iPhone and the discourse app.
Not getting any error.

Not sure if I’m looking right but it I need to go to my account > preferences > and there I must be able to change my name or email if I want to or not?

Ah, I see! You can’t do that on the forum anymore — you can only do that on the Postcrossing site.

Since the launching of this new forum, your accounts on the main site and on the forum are the same. So your username, name, avatar, country and email all come from the main site automatically.

If you need to change these, you can edit your settings on and they’ll be changed here as well.

Hope that helps!

Taking the opportunity of your post, any ideas on how/if I can remove the (country) flag in my profile?

Sure! Just remove it on your forum preferences.

There’s a setting under Profile named “National Flag”. If you choose “No flag”, it will be removed.

Thank you!