CANCELLED Christmas meetup in Oslo, Norway Sunday December 12th, 2021 at 11:00am

Sorry friends, due to the new corona restrictions here in the Oslo area I am cancelling this meetup :mask:

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Oslo, Norway
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: the Folk Museum, Bygdøy
:calendar: DATE: December 12th
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11am
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Signing postcards, chatting about Postcrossing and other things, shopping for postcards at the museum store, wandering around the Christmas market at the open air museum

Let’s try a weekend meetup - it’s been a while since the last one … ! :smiley: The Folk Museum will be decorated for the holidays and maybe we can find some Christmas presents among the booths at the Christmas market. I am personally looking forward to seeing if the museum shop has any new postcards - it’s been a loong time since I’ve been there … !

We will try to get a table at Kafe Arkadia to sit and write our postcards. If there’s more than just a few of us I will maybe book a table in advance so please let us know in the thread if you are coming.

Bring postcards to write, sign or show off. Or just come and hang out with other Postcrossers. Welcome!

If you’re planning to attend, it’s great if you can let us know in this thread.

There’ll probably be quite a bit of talk about the various future meetups we’re planning, but just so it’s said: anyone is free to come and go whenever they like, it’s not mandatory to stay for the whole meetup. And no problem if you show up late.

@KAS: It’s your job to promote this on Facebook as usual. :smile:

And I will be here too! :grinning:

Promotion is happening :christmas_tree:

I will absolutely try to make it to this meetup, even though I’m going to a consert the night before which was postponde from December 2020 - Di Derre - a Christmas tradition I have.

You don’t have to be there at 11 sharp of course, we will be happy to see you even if you join us a little later :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Facebook checking in! Vildrose plans to attend this meetup. :grinning:

Have fun! The folk museum is such a lovely place! I would probably have tagged along this time, if it hadn’t been for the fact I’m occupied elsewhere this day.

Also, Arcticgirl64 is going to try to make it. :christmas_tree:

I would love to join you, but I will be having my exams the week after. I will meet you in Oslo in January though :slight_smile: Have fun!

I will join if I am in the snow hole…

What are we thinking about this now re tonight’s new covid regulations? Keeping a one metre distance might be hard in a Christmas market type setting?

The Folk Museum are saying that they are following all the guidelines to keep the event going and keep it safe. Personally I think that as it’s outdoors it should be one of the safer places to go. IMO we should go ahead with the meetup.

I will not be attending.

I would love to swap for our MeetUp Postcard



Write me DM, please

I’ve notified work that I’m not going to our office Christmas do tomorrow night (doesn’t matter how careful we are if Scatec are in the same restaurant, right :upside_down_face:), so just to be consistent I will also not be attending this meetup. I was looking forward to it, but I’m not risking quarantine right now. Too much to do the next two weeks :wink:

I won’t be going to Oslo that weekend.