Cancelled! 1 Oct 2022 World Postcard Day & Cat Card Swap in Indiana - close to Chicago, IL

:crying_cat_face: EVENT CANCELLED. If you requested cards or would like one or more, let me know. I’ll have plenty now and will write and mail them, probably from the cafe - maybe the kitties will lend an inky paw. :smiley_cat:

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I live on the East Coast and cannot attend, but would love to swap for a card from this event. What an adorable idea to visit a cat cafe!



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Would always love to trade something for a halloween meetup card! Ya’ll enjoy yourselfs.Thanks.

It will be the official card on which we’ll add our little, Halloween cat and cafe name. I’ll collect addressee names and ask for your address if it looks like we’ll have extras (likely). Thank you for your interest and kind words. :heart_eyes_cat:

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Hello. I’m from Indiana and I think I’ll be attending :slight_smile:

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Wonderful :slightly_smiling_face:

Edited to write we have these postcards available for attendees to send and for requested swaps.

2022 WPD Meetup Cat and Coffee-WPd


I live in Crown Point and would like to attend.
Do I need to reserve a spot or just show up?

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That’s great! Please reserve a spot, which may encourage more people to attend. Thank you, and I look forward to meeting you.

Anybody what to swap with me

@Deeske1974 I have cards ready for you. Did you want me to send them before WPD/1 Oct ? ~Te

send me a dm please

Hello. I have WPD Cat Cafe Meetup & Halloween postcards ready for the following people. Please send me a message if I accidentally missed your request.

Also, if anyone wants cards mailed early, let me know, and I’ll write a note and mail them when I get your message.

@PleiadianDragon (Thank you for the reminder.)


@bille Please add the word “Cancelled” in the topic of the meetup I was organizing. It didn’t work for me.

Please also remove the meetup from the calendar. Thank you.

I moved your post to here and added “Cancelled” to the headline, but I can’t remove it from the calendar.

@mundoo, can you please remove this Meet-Up from the calendar.
Thank you.

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I would love to receive one or both of these cards please?

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Oh no! I was just coming online to RSVP for this meet up. Sorry it didn’t work out. I’d love meet up postcards if there are still any available.

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These are beautiful.

Will you try to host a similar meetup?

I live in central Indiana, but would love to attend.


I have removed it from the calendar and marked the topic unlisted.