Canberra Stamp Show....anyone going?

Just in case there are some ACTers lurking in here…I thought I’d ask if anyone was planning on going to the upcoming ACT Stamp Show?

I plan on heading there on the Friday. I’d really like to get one of the minisheets shown above…and will save some addresses to send some official postcards with the coloured postmarks they mention…hopefully :crossed_fingers:t2:.

I’m also hoping that someone might be selling some old maxicards too. I wonder if they do that? Again :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:.

Oh, I’ll actually be in Canberra that weekend for an Enlighten event. I’ll have to take a look!

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I’m Ika from Indonesia.
I just moved to Canberra and I don’t know where to buy postcards in here.
I’ve already visited nearby postoffice here, but they didn’t sell any.
I want to send some postcards to my family and friends in Indonesia, but I am still clueless about the post crossing system in Canberra/Australia in general. Also, is it normal if the postcards prices range from A$5? :cry:
Can you guys give me some insights?

Thank you so much for your time.
Nice to know you and have a nice day

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Hi Ika,

From what I hear, some Australian Postcrossers send Maxicards (which have prepaid postage on them already), because they tend to be cheaper.

For example:

Hope it helps

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G’day Ika! Welcome to Canberra I hope that your transition here has been a smooth one.

There are quite a few places to buy postcards and the prices vary wildly.

• Post offices, if they stock postcards at all, might have either Maxicards (with matching picture, stamp and postmark on the front) and not requiring any postage. Or they may have prepaid postcards (with just a picture on the front, and no matching stamp and postmark). The best post offices that I have found that stock Maxicards is the big postoffice in town on the corner of Alinga and Moore Streets. My local postoffice in Tuggeranong (in the Southpoint shopping centre) also gets all the new Maxicards as they are released). But the very best places to buy both the maxicards and the prepaid cards is online on the Australia Post website - here.

I’m going to hit reply and keep typing in the ne t box. So i don’t lose this text.

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For everyday-type postcards I go to places such as:

• Australian Choice - on the ground floor of the Canberra Centre in Civic. They have a decent range of your typical tourist postcards.
• The gift shop in the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) on Lake Burley Griffin - for Australian art-related postcards.
• The gift shop in the National Portrait Gallery - for more art/portrait-type postcards (this gift shop also sometimes stocks box sets of postcards). The gift shop is called The Curatoreum and you can see some of their stuff online here.
• The gift shop in New Parliament House for photos of the Parliament House as well as other political portraits and some general Canberra cards.
• The gift shop in the National Museum of Australia for some temporary exhibition-related cards and a couple of other cards…not a huge selection here unfortunately.
• The National Arboretum gift shop (which is also owned by Curatoreum) for some lovely aerial views of the Arboretum.

I’m trying to remember where else I get my postcards from. There’s a newsagent…I think it was down in the Lanyon Marketplace…but I’ll check that…that had a bunch of older, Murrayview-type tourist postcards.

The last time I visited the Information centre on Lake Burley Griffin i don’t think they had a single postcard. I was gobsmacked! But they might have got some in. I’ll check there again.

The other place I’ve been meaning to look is the gift shop in the Old Parliament House…I think I saw that they had a few cards, when I looked online.

Also, the shop in the National Parks visitor centre out at Tharwa may have some National Parks related cards. I haven’t looked there yet, but have meant to.

Basically any of the gift shops in any of the museums, galleries, tourist attractions…should have at least a couple of cards. The war memorial is another place I’ve meant to look. The shop in the National Library has a few…but they weren’t Canberra themed from memory.

If you have any questions about Canberra or need any help, please let me know and I’ll do my very best to help out. Ive lived here for almost 23 years now so I’ve seen a bit of the place. If you’d like to meet for a tea/coffee/soft drink and chat…maybe at the visitor’s centre at the Arboretum one day, I’d love to say hi.

Anyway…I’ll stop bombarding you with info!

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Oh and I forgot to say that $5 is the upper end of the postcard cost that I’ve found. I buy some really fun heavy cardboard postcards designed by Trevor Dickinson, like this one here and available through Harry Hartog bookshops here. They’re $5 each. But most cards are cheaper than that. If you look at my sent postcards wall here and see any that you like…let me know and I can tell you where I got it - if I remember :grimacing:.

The Harry Hartog outlet at the ANU also sells some ANU scene postcards.

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Oh wow! Thank you so much for the info… I’m going to check those places tomorrow.
And yeahh sure I’d love to meet you and have a cup of coffee someday. As my study starts next week, I’m kinda free this week, of course I’ll consider your available time too. So please let me know about your free time :blush:

Wishing you a good day,

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Good luck with your shopping Ika! I’ll message you!