Canada Post stamp increases on May 6th, 2024

Canada Post is making a significant price increase for all stamps on May 6th, 2024

P or Permanent stamps (our main domestic stamps) are going from 92 cents to 99 cents.

US rate stamp will go from $1.30 to $1.40 & the int’l rate stamp will go from $2.71 to $2.92.

People should by current P or Permanent stamps if they can before May 6th at the 92 cent rate - they will still be valid & worth 99 cents after May 6th.

We currently can still buy the 22 cent, 9 cent, 8 cent, 7 cent, 6 cent, 4 cent & 3 cent insect series stamps to make up the difference if you still have current US & int’l stamps to use up - I’ve heard they’re not going to be around for much longer - not sure if this is true though.


Thank you for posting this. I shall be ordering Permanent stamps prior to May! This increase will hit Canadian Postcrossers who already have some of the highest postal rates of any country. Quite conceivably it could result in Postcrossers who have to reduce the number of postcards they send per month. I know, for myself, as the prices for international postage, and the cards themselves increase, I am looking for strategies to enable me to continue my favourite hobby.


I heard the same thing that the small domination stamps might not be around for much longer at least according to the staff at the Terminal location here in Ottawa (by Trainyards - not sure where you are in the area). It looks like the increase ranges from 7.69% for domestic to 7.75% for international, I guess it is inline with inflation over the past 4 years (last rate increase was 2020), but still stings regardless. :frowning:

I already have the option of sending multiple cards to the same country clicked as I noticed in the evenings I tend to get US addresses which are quite a bit cheaper overall. I will continue on with this strategy. Also, I wonder if I should got to CP and buy out their stock of prepaid postcards at $2.71 as well. Haha

The news isn’t unexpected but was hoping it would be less or at least more gradual increase. Oh well.


Well they’ll have to keep them around for a bit now given the price increases, but probably not for long - I got my order this week for some to make up the price difference on US stamps which I have a bunch of.

So in theory, we should be getting new US & int’l stamps for May 6th then - hope they’re nice designs.


@cryane23, one strategy that I am employing is going around to post offices in small towns and rural areas that often have the Canada Post prepaid postcards, that you can still buy for $2.71, and mail anywhere in the world. There are plenty out there.
Some post offices bury them in their safe because nobody comes round looking for them. Best to ask the post master if they have a forgotten stash.
I recently found a stash of postcards for Canadian singers Tommy Hunter, kd lang, Hank Snow and Renee Martel (quite a few of hers).
Canada Post website has removed all prepaid postcards except UNESCO Gros Morne. I purchased 10 this week in anticipation of the postal hike, and because many Postcrossers like UNESCO cards.

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Yup. I’m on that one! :wink:

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I do the same by looking around at local post offices, you would be surprised how many I have found just off the tourist beaten path in various areas of Ottawa and Calgary. :slight_smile: