Canada Post Postage Paid Postcards New Releases


There has been a new hike in stamp prices in Canada recently, but discovered that Canada Post have released new Postage paid postcard designs.

These are pre-printed with a stamp, so they are very convenient for mailing. They are also larger and have a glossy front. Most importantly, I am able to buy images related to other parts of the country — Prairies, Central Canada, Atlantic Canada. I can definitely vary the types of postcards I send out.

What do international recipients think of these postcards? Are there Postcrossing users that collect them?


They are all very beautiful - without exception. :sweat_smile:

The postcards are really pretty.
But if a profile mentions they like stamps these postcards are not for them.


I find cards without stamps disappointing and I also prefer normal-sized cards, or smaller, as they are more convenient for my boxes.

I love beautiful stamps and collected them long, before I started to collect viewcards. But I love special stamps on wonderful cards best of all and would not take the stamps off, unless the card goes into recycling!

That said I don’t get many cards from Canada anyway.

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I think they are very nice cards! I’m not a stamp collector so that wouldn’t bother me, but if they are very much larger than normal, that might make it difficult to keep and store them. Depends on how much larger!

I measured one of these postcards as I am readying one for mailing. They are 17cm x 11.7cm (6.69 inches x 4.60 inches).

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I love Postage paid cards :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And i often take part in Canadian postage paid card themed RR on Canada x world RR
My friend @Jan_Champ you’ll definitely love to see these :heart_hands:

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My order is already placed, my friend! :wink: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



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Very nice but seem expensive. Do they include international postage for that price?

The Canada Post postage paid postcard is the same price as an international stamp, so it is advantageous to send it to an international destination.