Can you use any combination of Australian domestic stamps for international postage?

Australia postage question!

So far I’ve been buying exact postage stamps for international mail, and they have small ‘International POST’ text on them.

However, I’m getting a little bored of the small selection of these types of stamps.

I couldn’t get a straight answer from Auspost, but is it possible to combine domestic postage stamps for international mail?

For a specific example, the international postage card stamp is $3. Could I use two $1.20 stamps and then a bunch of 10c stamps to make up the rest?

Thanks in advance for any knowledge you have :slight_smile:

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I believe you can. I received these 2 envelopes with many domestic stamps combined.

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You can use domestic stamps for international postage, but you need to add 10%. So for a $3 international postage you need to use $3.30 of domestic stamps.

And for sure you can use whatever denominations you like to make that $3.30. Lots of people use three $1.10 stamps, for example.

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You can certainly use domestic stamps on international mail, though AP regulations require that ten percent has to be added to pay GST, so you would need to put $3.30 worth of domestic stamps on an postcard.

Oh this is so helpful, thanks everyone! I certainly wouldn’t have known about the 10% extra.

Here’s the link to the Australia Post International charges guide as at 03 July 2023.

Bottom right hand side of page 1 deals with use of domestic stamps for international postage.

As it sounds like you’ve already discovered…various staff will tell you various things. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve literally pulled out this guide to show staff before…and then had to go through the calculations with them to show them I’ve used the right amount. It’s especially fun math if you’ve used some international and some domestic!!

Happy combining! I can sit for ages playing with various stamp sizes, orientations, themes, colours and values…trying to get them to look ‘perfect’. I quite enjoy it!