Can you help me?

Hi, Chinese postcrossers. I need your help. I received this cover from China:

The signature says Anne, but there are no other hints to let me know who Anne is. No address, no username.
Postcrossing staff can’t help me because I can’t even tell them where the card comes from.

This is the stampmark. What town is it?

anne stampmark

Is anybody here who can tell me? I can’t thanks Anne for her nice card inside.
Thanks and please, reply in English. I’m Italian :blush:


Hello Cristina,

I think this is Xin’an. Hope this helps.


Hi according from the postmark, it’s from Guangdong (province) Shenzhen (city)

@tangqiuning Tang any suggestions? Your China post and English expertise very welcome for this Mandarin problem

It’s a letter from Guangdong province, Shenzhen city, Baoan district.
Xin’an post office is very large. The number on the postmark is the serial number.
I hope this will help you.


This envelope send out from Shenzhen city in 2 July 2021. Other message is unknown :thinking:

Thanks so much to all of you. Now I’m trying to find Anne ! :hugs:


If you did not swap directly with Anne,perhaps it was from postcrossing.She just forgot to write pc ID?You could use information below to try "find ID"in postcrossing.

@Sheng_, thank you but I tried to do what you said, no sign of any Anne from Shenzen in official Postcrossing! I found a girl called Anne who might be the one I received a card from. I wrote to her and now I’m waiting for an answer. I keep my fingers crossed. Anyway, thank you again for all your kindness.


Did you try the Postcard ID search with all the information you received here?

yes, I did it and I had the same answer as before :slightly_frowning_face:

And the Anne I contacted said “It was not me”.