Can You Explain?

Good day all, periodically in the Forum, I see the following message post:

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

I think I know what it says, but am not sure. Thanks for your help…

That happens if someone deletes their post. See the next one.
If you click on the orange pencil you can see the previous contents.

That’s a good question and I too don’t understand why it has to hang around for 24 hours. Why can’t you delete something and then it’s gone?


Why do closed topics close in two days? I’ve never understood this either. If a topic is deemed unsuitable in some way, why not just close it now?

It might just be the software. And it could be that they thought this would reduce confusion and if in the heat of conversation, someone hastily presses delete, they still have the opportunity to reverse this decision for 24h. In light of all the mistakenly published personal addresses, this is rather annoying, I have to admit.

I guess so that the author and people who have already been reading, following and writing in the topic are not suddenly faced with nothing and confusion when they can’t find their topic, but instead have a little warning beforehand.

Topics that are closed are still visible and even Likes can still be distributed.
It is just no longer possible to post.

If a topic is only closed in a few days, this gives users the opportunity to post something in conclusion or to ask that the topic not be closed yet because new aspects may have arisen.


My bad, I confused closed with deleted. My point stands for topics which are scheduled to be deleted instead of closed. :sweat_smile:

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I think that‘s where the „unless flagged“ comes in. By flagging a topic you can alert a moderator and they can immediately delete the content. Correct me if I’m wrong.

That is true but depending on the day and time and category, this can take at least a few hours. Days in the worst case if the flag is somehow overlooked.

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