Can we still sent cards/letters to Ukraine?

Consider the situation now.The whole country seems in state of war.Can someone live in there tell us? I still got something willing to swap with Ukraine friends. Hope it won’t be the start of the World War III :pray:

Also I clam all Ukrainian here that who sent official cards from Ukraine to me can pm me the ID.I will regist the CARD without receive it.I appeal everyone else do the same.God bless Ukraine :pray:


Don’t think whether you can send postcards to the Ukraine is likely anyone’s priority in the Ukraine at the moment. And in any case, given the invasion, there will be a high level of uncertainty about many things for some time to come.


I already swap a letter few days before,seems it will never be there after all this happen:(

:blue_heart: :yellow_heart:


For now, we can only pray for the safety of the people of Ukraine.
Waiting for the day when we can exchange postcards in peace.


To OP if they suspend service youll know soon enough and theyll say it. Just go as normal until you hear something. Mail will likely be held or routed through a 3rd country. It will just be delayed. Worse, your country might just return it and say unable to deliver at this time. Patience is a virtue.


My thoughts are with any Ukrainian people around the world who are reading this this morning. I hope you and your family stay safe.


Why punish citizens of Russia?


It isn’t the normal people’s fault. I am sure they are not happy about it either.


Postcrossing is about international friendship, understanding, and peace.

Postcrossers are people, like you and me, who have ordinary lives and just want a friendly postcard in the mail. No one should be banned on Postcrossing for things they have no control over.


Thankfully we send to people, not political regimes. There are millions of people in Ukraine and Russia. Some will be for, some against, and the majority just trying to get by and live their lives. A friendly postcard may be just what they need today.


Why Russia ban from postcrossing? Russian people do not make this dirty war, it’s politics. The normal Russian postcrosser wants to live in peace with the whole world just as we do. And their president doesn’t care at all if we send postcards to Russia or not.


this society for the most part did not choose the current government. It is easy to talk about our choice on the other side. I am not responsible for those who support them.


I keep getting news alerts about the situation. Never thought this can actually happen. Scared for the people who is living through this.


I live in a region where during my childhood there were 2 terrorist attacks for the sake of political dirty games. We do not need this or any other war. If you want a showdown with Putin, come and talk personally, since you draw conclusions about people from the media, which for the most part are worse than war at the present time


Its getting a little off topic here with personal opinions. I have a feeling that Ana will come and close the topic when business as usual comes to CET time.

Maybe form a topic under another category.

I suggest the following.
Wait for word from Ukrposhta about how they plan to proceed with acceptance of mail and check with your national postal services via their websites if they will hold off from sending.


When I registered, I had read the rules.
They say
“Be mindful of everyone’s differences and always be polite and respectful. There’s no room in Postcrossing for hate speech or hateful imagery that attacks any person or group based on, but not limited to, their race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability, medical condition, body size, age, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity”.

Isn’t that enough? This conversation here is neither polite, nor respectful.


Which is unfortunate. I don’t think shuting the discussion down is helpful.


The situation is difficult and shows ones more what happens when people get tired of politics. Brexit was another example. I’m not a political expert myself and I get lost but I do not say that I’m not interested in it. This is responsibility quite a few adults try to refuse to have.

And punishing all Russian people for their government is like the same ignorance. Not all Russians are happy with the situation or their government. The situation is far more complex.


Please let’s not disrespect each other. The world needs a lot of love right now…and Postcrossing is one of those outlets to spread love. Let’s protect Postcrossing from all the impurities of hate, discrimination, biases, etc.

It will probably be some time until we hear from the Ukrainian Post about their operations. According to the Postal Monitor, they answer queries via their facebook page. Keep an eye on their page for updates. I will personally hold off sending anything there for now.