Can someone tell me something about these wonderful series. Thanks: Gracias

Hello again everybody

I am Edu, today we got some surprises and i asked my brother some cards to me, he always say yes, great. Well, except cards about Ultra 7, Kangaroos. His dream is to see a kangaroo someday.

Maybe someone knows where these series are from. I like them so much.

this one about animals like fighters (i think they protect all animals in their Countries)

And this series is called: Duck Tales, very pretty cards.

Thanks for your help, i am going to bed in 30 minutes because is very late here: 9:00 p.m

I send love to your families



You can find both series from MyMagiCard: Contact Us | MyMagiCard

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Thank you so much for the information.
Russian series are Very pretty.
I am Very happy.

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