Can Postcards can still be delivered between China and Taiwan now?

I didn’t find any information on the Postal websites from both these two places. But my cards to Taiwan are expired, and my friend didn’t receive my three cards which were sent from 2 cities in 3 months.:sweat_smile:
Are cards from other postcrossers expired? Seems postcrossers from Taiwan received less cards from China these days. Is it a ban or just the shortage of ships and airlines between these two countries? Or it is only happening to me?

i still get them but it takes a long time. over 60 days

Cards to & from Taiwan seem to get delivered in batches - they either come or go very quickly or take 45 to 60 days I find from Canada.

It’s a strange situation…I started my Postcrossing career during COVID-19 period. But the cards from China or Taiwan usually arrived in, at most, 2 months. Mostly it only takes less than 45 days. What happened in these months?

Mail service to Taiwan is still available now. But EMS and registered mail have higher priority than surface mail due to the carrier limitation. Maybe that’s why your cards delayed recently. A registered mail to Taiwan I sent last month was safely delivered within 2 weeks. My traveling cards to Taiwan, however, are all expired for over 3 or 4 months.

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This is an issue across the Taiwan Strait, not relevant to wider international PCers.

Maybe I should add the restrictive attributive. My question is exactly like, “Were other postcards across Taiwan Strait expired?”

today came a postcard from Taiwan sent on 14.02. I think it’s fast.

As the issue concerns exchanges between China Post and Chunghwa Post, PCers in the Chinese language community would be more experienced, wouldn’t they?

You are right. But it is always hard for me to use correct words in Chinese to describe the name of this two places… No matter what form I choose, I can annoy a group of people. So I decided not to say a lot among Chinese users.:confounded:
And there can be a situation like “The exported/imported cards will be sent/delivered slowly in China/Taiwan. ”While I know more about the situation in China , I need more information about “cards from/to Taiwan”. So I think comments from the third country (like that PCer from Canada) is also helpful ,isn’t it?:laughing:
And thanks to all these suggestions from you guys, now I am not so anxious about this situation like before. Thank you a lot!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Update: My friend received one of my card(par avion/by air, December 30-March 4)So at least the airline is still available now. But I don’t know when will the one I sent by Surface Mail (Obviously it’s impossible delivered on surface…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:) reach the destination…

Update: One of my official cards to Taiwan was registered. It traveled for 5 months…

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