Can Postal Monitor display our country first?

Olá, @paulo, I would love it if you could make the Postal Monitor display the sender’s country (or Travel-mode country) at the top of the page, rather than among all the other countries. Our postcard walls already display our country, or Travel-mode country, first.
I have been checking the Postal Monitor quite often these days, and I must admit I would find it more comfortable if I could find the countries I can’t send to without scrolling down.
Would this be an easy adjustment to make?

I would also love to be able to order the countries by last updated first, but I suspect this would be more time-consuming to implement…

Thank you for considering my suggestion! :slight_smile:


There’s lots of improvements we want to do that page, but time has been rather limited lately…

For now a tip that may be useful: if you append the country code to the URL like in the example below (when first opening the page), the list of that country opens automatically and the page scrolls till there.


If you bookmark this somewhere, it will be easier for regular checking.


Is that GB for the UK? I can’t get it to work for either but maybe I’m doing something wrong

For me it works with GB

Yep, GB is the country code for the UK — just use the 2-letter part of the Postcard IDs you get.

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Strangely, it still doesn’t work, but never mind. It does work if I copy and paste the GB link as above, but not if I type it in myself, or if I use the Italy example and delete the IT to replace with GB.

Depending on the browser, you may need to load that URL on a fresh new tab. Trying to change the URL when already on the postal monitor page might not work. Jus follow this and it should work:

Yes, thank you, that works perfectly :slight_smile:

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