Can people change IRCs into stamps in USA?


I am wondering if people in USA can change IRCs (International Reply Coupons) into stamps?
I have read somewhere in USA they do not issue IRCs anymore but I was wondering If I send IRCs
from Japan to USA, could the people in USA still change the IRCs to postage stamps?

Thank you for the help in advance :slight_smile:

According to the USPS:

With the exceptions noted in 381.3d, international reply coupons purchased in foreign countries are exchangeable at U.S. Post Office facilities toward the purchase of postage stamps and embossed stamped envelopes at the current maximum First-Class Mail International 1-ounce, letter-size price, per coupon, irrespective of the country where they were purchased.

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Hi there!

I see, thank you so much for the help :slight_smile: