Can I use these NOS USPS stamps?

I love to get assorted lots of unused USPS stamps off Ebay, most often below face value, to use for Postcrossing. I won a lot of stamps today which included some of these. Can I as a regular person use these? Does anyone know what the values would be?

Looks like you may need a permit to use these:

Ooo wait…

This has some good information on Pre-cancelled stamps.

Oh, thank you so much. I was thinking in another direction, that they were just some purchased in bulk thing. You are right, I would need to apply for a (free) permit and then physically walk the cards into the post office to mail them ( I can’t put them in the drop off box).
Into the craft pile!

I would not use those. There are third-party web sites that sell US stamps @ face. Then too, I buy most of my commemorative stamps from the USPS in Kansas City.

I’ve stuck them on mail in addition to the normal postage, just for fun, never had a problem. If the recipient is into stamps, it gives them a little something extra.