Can I still use old French stamps (1998) for postage?

I have a couple of these The Little Prince mini sheets. Can I use these stamps for postage in France or are they no longer usable?



The stamps are lovely! :smiley: At the bottom you can see that they’re not in euro, but in the former currency French francs (25F; 3F were approximately 0,50€).

In Germany you can only use valid stamps, dating from 2002 on. After the implementation of the euro in 2001 there were stamps in both currencies for a while, and you were allowed to use stamps issued in Deutsche Mark only until June 2002. After that, the old stamps in German mark could be exchanged at post offices until June 2003. Then they became invalid for sending mail.

I assume that the same rules apply for France, so I don’t think these old stamps are valid anymore… But they’re probably interesting for collectors because you’ve got a whole sheet in mint condition. :wink:


Pre-Euro stamps are still valid for mailing in France.


I received this beautiful stamp from France last November, so I guess you are allowed.

When I received it, I asked about it to a French friend, he checked and he answered that stamps issued after 1849 (no mistake in the date) with the exception of some commemorative ones of 1920, some others profitable to the Red Cross, and those with Petaine likeness, are still valid. Facial value must be considered (including the 1960 currency change between old and new Francs 100 to 1), and changing it to Euros. It must reach the current fare.


That’s great to hear! I shall keep these stamps for future use :heart_eyes:


You can use them but you have to convert these 3 francs into euros to frank the mail correctly.


Very cute stamp!I really like the Le Petit Prince.I have this series of books, masks, posters, clothes and movie CDs. :heart:

I like the petite prince too! So far I only have a miniature story book, that mini sheet, some used stamps that Postcrossers gave me and postcards :blush:

I just wanted to say that I adore these stamps! Glad you are able to still use them.