Can I still send mail from Switzerland to Russia?

Hello fellow Postcrossers,
does anybody know whether I can still send mail from Switzerland to Russia? Did anybody send anything there recently, that reached its destination? I am debating whether to send the postcard now or whether I should wait for the war to stop.
Tahnks for helping me out!

Hallo Postcrossers,
weiss eine/r von euch, ob man nach Russland von der Schweiz aus noch Post schicken kann? Hat jemand von euch in letzter Zeit etwas dorthin geschickt, was angekommen ist? Ich weiss nicht, ob ich die Karte jetzt schicken soll, oder ob ich warten soll, bis der Krieg vorbei ist.
Danke für eure Antworten!

Salut Postcrossers,
est-ce que quelqu’un de vous sait si je peux toujours envoyer des lettres d’ici en Russie? Est-ce que quelqu’un aurait envoyé quelque chose là-bas récemment, qui a atteint sa destination? Je ne sais pas si je vais envoyer la carte postale maintenant ou si je devrais plutôt attendre la fin de la guerre.
Merci de votre aide!
Anna :slight_smile:


There’s a disclaimer on that they are currently accepting letters to Russia (and Ukraine), but that there can be delays. The Postal Monitor says we can still send to Russia, too.
I have sent several postcards to Russia since the beginning of the war and while several of them are still traveling, some have also arrived after about the usual travel time (20-30 days), but the last one even only took 14 days.
So I would send the postcard now, it will probably arrive :slight_smile:

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You can go on the gallery of Switzerland and then click through all sent postcards and you will find recent registered postcards. for example:

or this:


I will let this topic close itself tomorrow morning, as the question has been answered.

You can read more about postal suspensions and how Postcrossing monitors and incorporates them here: :postcard: Mail Suspension Alerts (thank you for reporting with official info from a postal agency) and on the Postal Monitor, as @anmaeh already mentioned.

Please send a card if you got that address from the Postcrossing site.

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