Can I mail first day cover?

Just wondering that do I have to put it in a larger envelope or it’s okay to just send like this with valid stamps at the back?


Not a “knowing” answer, but I’d put the stamps in the front (because I like to read the information), and take it to mail office, if possible (to avoid the marker cancellation). I have mailed maxi cards that are already cancelled, with adding my stamp next to it.

(The envelope is so adorable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

Kk thank you so much!!

((*≧ω≦) I know, right? I’m sooo eager to share it but don’t know how T T)

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I think if you want to send it like that, it would be the best to contact the issuing post service and ask them if they count the FDC stamp as a valid postage. It varies a bit depending on post service, some sells FDC only as collectible item, some include the postage available for use.

It also depends on how you are (or the recipient is) planning to use it. If you are sending it to be part of somebody’s collection, then I would place it inside an envelope. Adding more stamps and having the cover cancelled again (no matter if it is a proper cancellation or just a pen) and go through the machine (the bar codes!) ruins the collecting value in my opinion, but then again there is no right way to collect philatelic items. Everybody has their own preferences and some might see FDC gone through the system even more valuable. I have some old FDCs around that have been sent to the collector and have address on.

But at the end of the day, you can use pretty much anything to make envelopes so FDC should work fine too. It is a bit too pretty to not be used!

Your FDC is magnificent. I ask, if one should send me maxicard or FDC, that they be put in an envelope so as not to be damaged. I did not send many but always in an envelope.
Have a good day.

Send this in a separate addressed envelope. Putting postage on back will probably be sent back to you and then your out of luck. Since it’s already cancelled it may cause issue on return to sender and then you might owe extra.

Hi. I swap FDC and I send them in a separate larger envelope. I wouldn’t write anything on FDC or attach extra stamps as it spoils it on my opinion.:blush:

Thank you it really allayed my concerns!! I’ll double check the postage with my local postoffice.

yess If people request to have it in an envelope I definitely will ^^

I see (⊙ω⊙) so the best and proper way is using envelopes.

A FDC is an enveloppe. Not a maxipostcard.
If you sent a FDC do not forget to include a postcard as well.

Haha yokaay thanks!

Right thanks for reminding!!

It is a wonderfull FDC!
Very beautiful.

Greetings Bonnie,

Hi Bonnie,
I received the beautiful FDC. I hope you receive the FDC from India which I have sent. Hope you like it.
Be safe.
Best regards

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