Can I look at the Activity/Chat for a Meeting in the Past?

My profile mentions that I love Meetup cards and says that if a sender includes their address when sending one, that I will send them one back. Someone sent me a beautiful card from the Rulle, Germany Meetup(09.07.2023).
K**** did include his address and I want to send him one, but I want to message him first and confirm that I read it and wrote it correctly. However, I’m not sure which member he is in order to message him.
I was hoping to look at the Meeting notice text string to work out who he is to message him. Is that possible?

Here is the page for that meetup. Do any of these names look familiar?

I used the search bar to search the forum for Germany Rulle 2023. I got three results and I think this is the right one. :relaxed: I hope this helps you narrow your search! Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

PS. @Cassiopheia was there, might be able to help!


If you go to #meetups and choose a country, you can see all the meetups hosted in that country since we got the new forum.

Another way to find a meetup is by going to Explore > Meetups > Past meetups (Archive) ▾ > select a meetup at the main page.

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That’s the right meet-up! Once I’m past the next stop (I’m on the train at the moment), I’ll fetch my meetup book and check. I can’t think of anyone with K… (except one non Postcrosser) who was there, but my brain is not at full capacity right now and I’ll have a look in a few minutes. (What a lucky coincidence that I’m on my way back home after a meetup and got it with me)

edit: I think it might be @klaro? @Wynnie


Oh hurray!! Yes, it was @klaro.
Now I know how to spell his city right and can surprise him (unless he catches this in the forum). I had “favorited” the cool illustration with the reflection in the water and he sent it to me. Nice “random act of kindness”. :innocent:


And thank you, all 3 of you. Postcrossers are the nicest people!


I closed this topic now, because there’s nothing more to add.

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