Can I Do This? And What Category Would It Be In If I Did?

My son’s 11h birthday is coming up near the end of September. I would like to solicit postcards from around the world wishing him a happy birthday and everyone who sends a postcard would be entered into a lottery to win some new, never used Canadian stamps issued in 2019, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.
Would this be ok to do? I have seen lotteries but they all seem to be for postcards so I don’t know if it’s allowed to give away stamps? Where would I put this request? Under lotteries or stamps or Spread The Joy (nonRAS)?

Apologies if this has already been covered in another thread. I could find nothing in my search related to this but it’s possible I missed something.


I think I’d put your request in Spread the Joy & you can mention you will put their names in a lottery for the stamps, but I don’t think you need a separate lottery post, that would be confusing plus lotteries generally don’t require that you send a postcard to someone before you can join.

You can just keep a list of who volunteered & decide when you want to do the draw.


Thank you, for your advice :blush:

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I did a lottery about a month ago to raise money for Postcrossing. People were asked to donate and donators were entered into a lottery for a nice card. Did not get a lot of participation but we did manage to raise about 100 Euros for the site and the people who did participate seemed to enjoy it.

I doubt anyone will shut you down or anything like that, so go ahead if you want to. But I do think that things which are a bit complicated get a lot less participation.

Anyways, happy birthday in advance to your son!

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I would advise the same as @LC-Canada, seems the most logical way.

By the way another way to receive postcards for your son’s birthday is participating in the Birthday round robin!

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I already have entered my first RR, a cat postcard one, and I think the rules state that until my cards are received from my first one, I am only allowed to participate in one at a time.

I agree with @LC-Canada and @ScubaET

The Spread the Joy Topic is the best place for your request.

If you would like to do that, you can open a new Topic there and I will close this here.

Sure, thanks😊

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Ahh, you did it already. :+1:

That’s usually the rule for a separate RR (or their host). And you’re well on time, subscription is till 20th of August for birthdays in September (from the top of my head)

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