Can anyone tell me any background about this postcard...?

I bought it in a shoebox full of cards about 30 years ago in Germany. I have started cataloging my cards now and was hoping to find the artists name and perhaps the year these were made? I have found a handful of similar cards online, a few even from that same series (325/1), but no good info about the artist.

I’m not looking to sell, trade, etc, just am really curious about it’s history. I’m just guessing that it was purchased in Switzerland by a person from Germany (the box had postcards from several countries in Europe, mostly Germany).

I found one site that mentioned an artist last name of “Cozzi” but that name turns up a few options.

Any info anyone has would be great - thanks!

For my friends who would like the English translation, it is, roughly, …
“My dear, I wanted to give you flowers so much that I became a gardener.”


The series van be found here

The painter seems to be Pablo Dummatzen or Dümmatzen, very end of 19th cent?

Everything is in Spanish, though…


Thanks. His is a very interesting story. A fascinating life, and a long one. (Maybe if they make a movie of his life, Benedict Cumberbatch can play him… :heart_eyes:)

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