Can anyone help me about the meaning of those non-facevalue stamps?

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For Slovenia:
A - postage for standard domestic letters, currently €0.62
B - postage for ordinary domestic letters up to 50 g, currently €0.79
C - postage for standard international letters, currently €1.33
D - postage for ordinary international letters in the first weight class, currently €1.46

For Belarus:
‘‘A’’ (0,60 rub.) is equal to the tariff of a letter up to 20 gram within Belarus.

‘‘B’’ (0,60 rub.) is equal to the tariff of a postcard within Belarus.

‘‘N’’ (1.62 rub.) is equal to the surface tariff of a postcard abroad.

‘‘M’’ (1.74 rub.) is equal to the air-mail tariff of a postcard abroad.

‘‘H’’ (1.86 rub.) is equal to the surface tariff of a letter up to 20 gram abroad.

‘‘P’’ (2.04 rub.) is equal to the air-mail tariff of a letter up to 20 gram abroad.

‘‘C’’ (2.04 rub.) = ‘‘P’’.

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For Ukraine:

І»| 0,01 UAH
З»|0,03 UAH
В»|0,10 UAH
Д»|0,30 UAH
Е»|0,70 UAH
N»|0,60 USD
С»|0,70 USD
Є»|0,70 USD
R»|0,90 USD
Ж»|1,00 USD
Р»|2,00 USD
L»|15,00 UAH
G»|0,80 USD
М»|18,00 UAH
V»|12,00 UAH
F»|23,00 UAH
Х»|40,00 UAH
Т»|6,00 UAH
H»|0,50 UAH
Z»|1 USD
W»|1,5 USD

For Portugal, they are all for standard mail up to 20 gr (also for postcards, except the priority mail that doesn’t work for postcards here although some people insist to use them):

A = domestic priority € 0,74
I = international € 1,05
N = domestic normal € 0,57
E = Europe € 0,95

Meaning: you can use these letter stamps within the limit of time they are in use, even if you pay less for them than the actual price of the service.

I explain: the prices rised last week. Until the 7th you purchased these stamps for a lower price. However, they can be used now, and during more 7 or 8 years, even if the prices rise (there’s no fixed rule for when they will be withdrawn from use, it’s when they wish… :-1:t2:).

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You haven’t shown any Spanish one, but has the same system. A for national, B Europe (some exceptions though), C the rest of the world, again with some exceptions. Another funny fate (D=2’10€) for certain countries, but no actual D stamp issued so far.
However, we are allowed to use lower rate stamps combined with others that would add up to the correct fare.

Here in Canada, we have Permanent stamps with the P on them. They are good forever and are always valued at the current domestic rate for a letter/postcard.

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same system for the usa too - the usps calls them “forever stamps” and we have one for domestic and one for international mail. they are always worth whatever is the current first class rate regardless of when the stamps were purchased and no matter how prices may change in the future.

forever stamp

  • domestic within/to the usa, american territories and american military bases (apo)
  • letters up to 1oz or oversized postcards
  • currently valued at 58¢ USD

global forever stamp

  • usa to international destinations, no matter which country (i think about 10 years ago, the rate was a little cheaper than the international rate to mail to canada and mexico from the usa but it seems like that rate was eliminated in favour of consistency with the other countries)
  • letters up to 1oz or postcards
  • currently valued at $1.30 USD
  • the 2020 version was the infamous coronamum but has been since replaced by the african wild daisy, this week.

Recently 2 new non facevalue stamps were issued: A+ and B+.
They are for Priority service of A and B stamps, with their value being higher for 0.05€.

USPS Nondenomiated Postage

And there’s one more you forgot: Domestic postcard stamps that have the word “Postcard” on them (currently valued at 40 cents) are forever stamps for mailing postcards within the country. Even when the price of them goes up, old ones can still mail a postcard, just like forever stamps for letters.