Buying Uncancelled Stamps on Envelopes

  • Thank you everyone for your help! I decided not to buy those stamps! It sounds like too much of a risk. I am a new postcrosser and wasn’t sure. That’s why I like to ask! Thank you!

Hey guys

Tell me about stamps! I see some uncancelled forever stamps for sale on ebay. They are a good price, but the “catch” is that they they have been cut off envelopes. Are they worth buying or not? Do I need to get them off the envelopes somehow or can I just trim close to the stamp and then paste it on there? Suggestions please. Thanks!

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I wouldn’t personally, I have a feeling they were used before and just weren’t cancelled and the seller is trying to “cheat the system” by reusing a stamp.


I’m pretty sure too that these stamps aren’t unused, but uncancelled. In Germany it’s an offense to use stamps twice. And you risk that the card isn’t transported, or that the reciever has to pay the postage, plus a fee on top… :expressionless:

If the stamps really were unused, the seller could offer the whole unused envelopes, there would be no need for cutting them off.

By the way, other members from the USA wrote in the forum about fake stamps they bought via eBay. They were just worthless stickers, looking like forever stamps, but with slightly different colours or uneven cuts.


This is not legal. Because this stamp could be used and only forget to cancle. Using used stamps is illegal. Its a high risk and can be really expencive.

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I received this :smiley:

Many years ago, you used to see stamps offered for sale as “uncancelled / ungummed.” Those sellers were breaking the law. Any stamps that have been affixed to paper are USED. That being so, they CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be used again. That is fraud pure and simple.

You asked for suggestions. Okay, here is mine: stay far far away from these fraudulent eBay sellers. Then there is this:

"Section 604 of the United States Postal Service’s Domestic Mail Manual is titled “Postage Payment Methods and Refunds.” Under section 604, subsection 1.8 addresses the reuse of stamps, stating: “Reuse of stamps with intent to cause loss to the government or the USPS is punishable by fine and imprisonment .”

You still want to reuse stamps? Don’t say you weren’t warned.