Buying stamps from other vendors

I love to theme the stamp to the card but when going to the post office to buy, their options are very limited. I came across this website: ALL Products -
Which had a crazy discount and a lot of stamps I want. However, I’ve heard that some people sell stamps that are not real. Anyone had any experience with this site or others?

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Looks too good to be true. No way they can get new release stamps for that much of a discount. I’d steer clear!


I just did some research on that website. It is relatively new… as in March 2023. It’s not considered a trusted website and is a possible scam site according to everything I just read.


I’ve had good luck buying odds and end stamps online from Mystic Stamp Company (
They are totally legitimate - I wouldn’t worry at all about counterfeit stamps.


I have a question for you. Did you carefully look at this web site??

On this web site, this sheet is priced at $27.50…a discount from $55.00

I went to the Official USPS web site. And the price for this sheet of stamps is…wait for it…here it comes…$12.60! I have purchased multiples of this sheet from the USPS - never from these phony web sites. This is a no-brainer. Buy stamps legitimately from the USPS or from reliable stamp dealers at shows or online.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. With most hobbies, you have to take the initiative. Good stuff is out there. But web sites like the one you posted - it just doesn’t pass the smell test.


They’re selling 5 sheets for 27.50. Total scam

Here are some listings on eBay that I would trust buying. They are from reputable sellers and these types of older stamps aren’t faked. The most faked stamp out there are the flag stamps. That’s how I first got started getting a wide variety of stamps is getting lots of these. Then eventually I started going to stamp shows and finding some vendors that would sell 20-30 % off face value.


Thank you guys so much for all of the information. I didn’t know there was such a thing as stamp shows. Thanks for being kind to a newbie :heart:


USPS is no longer playing nice. Recent rulings have decided that they have no legal obligation to handle mail with counterfeit postage. In the trash it goes (albeit officially at the Dead Letter Office), full stop. No attempt to return, forward, or collect postage due. And you can be charged with a federal offense on top of that.

That said I am a lifelong collector and I do buy old stamps at discount from recognized stamp dealers and only if they have ASDA or APS affiliation. (American Stamp Dealers Association and American Philatelic Society, which I both understand have a code of ethics which they DO enforce).

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I thought I did my due diligence and bought US Postage Stamps from a seller with 100 percent positive feedback. Well, he had a 100 percent positive until he sold me a sheet of fake Bugs Bunny Forever stamps.

I am not a stamp collector, and I usually buy directly from the postoffice or the website, but as one of Bugs Bunny’s biggest fans I bought them because they aren’t available anymore at. the post office. I am going back to my tried and true method of postage stamp procurement. I was surprised when I took the stamps to the post office to have them checked out that they weren’t confiscated and turned over to the Postal Inspectors for investigation. The clerk told me I had to take it up with. eBay, so I did. Already got my refund.

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