✅ Bugs in Tracking function

Hi folks, I’ve noticed some discrepancies in the tracking function with 2 different topics I have. Although I’ve set both topics to tracking, I’ve not seen unread counts for some new posts or unread posts a number of times now, so I thought I’d flag it for you. Thanks!

:thinking: You will only receive notifications if you “watch” the topic instead of merely “track”. The tracked topics will merely have a counter how many unread posts there are and you can dismiss those without actually reading them, too.
Do you mean that one of the two topics didn’t have a number of unread posts and didn’t show up in the “Unread” list even though there were new posts?

Yes, sometimes I get a count & other times not on track status & according to the description of tracking, I should always get a count, but 3 times now I haven’t in the last 2 days

Perhaps the confusion is where you are looking for a count of unread.

On your avatar on the top right you’ll sometimes see a number — that’s the number of new notifications: that can be from tracked topics or other things too. If you click it, you’ll get to see the list of all notifications, and, as they are no longer new notifications to you, you won’t see the number on your avatar anymore. But, you can still click the same place to see the notifications about things you haven’t visited/read. In the case of tracked topics, the moment you open the topic, those notifications “disappear” (no longer blue background) from that list.

Does this help in any way or am I totally off? :sweat_smile:

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Thanks Paulo, it’s possible I opened the topic up & they disappeared perhaps - I’ll keep a close eye on it in the next few days.

I was getting regular unread counts on my topics & then I suddenly found a bunch of new posts without any unread counts, but your explanation might be it - we’ll see, thanks!

I have a different issue with the Tracking (and also Watching) function.

I checked first my “Tracked topics”, to see if there were any updates since my last visit. Now, when I go to the main page of the forum - where all the categories are listed - and enter a category from there, I only see my tracked topics in two categories, everything else is empty.

Yesterday it was the same but with “Watched topics”. It seems that some sort of an automatic filter is applied and I can’t get read of it.

When I check “Latest” , I still see all the topics and can enter any I want.

Logging out and back in again helped with this yesterday, we’ll see if it helps again today :wink:

EDIT - yes, logging out and back in helped today as well. Still, this is a bit weird.

@delenn_mir That does look like a bug! I was able to reproduce it by following your steps. Very odd.

I tried to reproduce it on Discourse’s own forum and there it works as expected. Their forum runs on the very latest version of the code (called unstable), so I suspect whatever it is, it has already been fixed in the meantime (on purpose or by changing something else). When they release a new stable version and we upgrade to it here, we should get that working properly too.

In the meantime, you don’t need to logout to fix it: just refreshing the page seems to get the page working right.

I believe this has been fixed with the version we are now running of Discourse. Please let me know otherwise.

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