Bug in RR editing

Hi. I’m trying to close my top post after editing the groups/check-ins, and I can’t close the editing box. When I click on save, nothing happens. If I then try to minimize and maximize again and then try to close, I get the following error messsge:

I’ve tried closing the window, and logging out and logging back in. Nothing is working. Any advice?

You could try to access the forum in safe mode and then try to close the editing box:


You can leave the safe mode by closing the browser window.
Does it work?

No, unfortunately it didn’t. I have the option to discard my edits. I can try that. I’ve copied everything in the box so if it’s lost for some reason, I can repaste it later.

I clicked Cancel and then Discard and the box closed. It looks like maybe only the latest edits didn’t save. So, solved I guess?