Bucket list: 5 postcards to/from WHO would you pick?

Ok so, similar to the: you can invite 5 people to dinner (living or dead) who would you pick?

But instead:

You can send / receive postcards from ANY 5 people living or dead, who would you pick?

This is just a fun thing…I wass just sitting here writing postcards and asked myself that question so I figured I should share with this wonderful community!

My picks: Edgar Allen Poe, Queen Victoria, 2 Grandmoms, & Bradley Nowell (Sublime) :writing_hand:


John Lennon
Ernest Hemingway
Scrooge McDuck (I know he is not real :sweat_smile:)
Rachel Green from Friends (not real again :sweat_smile:)
Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America (not real again :sweat_smile:)


Albert Einstein
Bertrand Russell
My late sisterinlaw
An American woman whose profile I read once and never forgot


Ha! I don’t know if I can figure out all 5 of them, let me try:

  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - definitely, though I probably wouldn’t be able to read XVIII century German cursive :grin:
  • Virginia Wolf - it would be an honour to get a postcard from her!
  • Barack Obama! or, actually Michelle Obama! But Barack could sign it too :smiley:
  • Till Lindeman :o Bonus points if the message is one of his poems :metal:
  • Olga Tokarczuk - partially for bragging rights, partially because I can’t think of a better bookmark for re-reading her books than this

Bonus: Julius Cesar or any other person from ancient Rome, simply because they didn’t have postcards back then so I wouldn’t know what to expect :smiley:


That is too coincidental I just got done writing a postcard about the John Lennon memorial in central park!!

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Great choices Obamas was a good idea I like the 2 for 1 idea

Erich Kästner - one of my all-time favourite authors
Donald Trump - just to see what someone like him would write and what card he would choose
Queen Elizabeth
my great-aunt who has been dead for almost 40 years now
Elvis Presley - to give to my husband who’s a great fan


HMQ is your great-aunt? :astonished:

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I’d pick all authors with the exception of one filmmaker:

  • Jane Austen
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Virginia Woolf
  • Mark Twain
  • Wes Anderson
  • Christopher Nolan
  • Albert Einstein
  • Haruki Murakami
  • Salvador Dali
  • Amy Winehouse

Oh dear, no blue blood in my veins! :joy:
And as I wrote, my great-aunt has been dead for many years (though I still miss her dearly) whereas the Queen is still very much alive, far as I know :wink:

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J. Tolkien - I would be honored to receive a postcard from him
Princess Diana
Gabrielle Chanel
Martin Fourcade - French biathlete
Winnie the Pooh (child character))

:wink:I liked this idea)) All the time now I go over in my head the persons from whom I want to receive a postcard and send in return)


@anbai9 I like the Jane Austen And Oscar Wilde those would be so interesting
@wurzelsofie I like your varied list…Queen E I would love to see her handwriting!!
@Nadiika Good idea with Pooh he always has the most clever sayings and Princess Di too!
@Yuyi0420 Yes Dali is a great one!

This is so fun to see everyones responses!

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Fun topic :grin: like it :+1:

I want to send and receive postcards from: 1. Grandpa 2. Grandma 3. Spongebob 4. Donald Duck 5. Barack Obama


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SpongeBob! Love that idea!!

Yesss so i like coz he live its very happy everyday always friendly and yellowwwwww​:grin::grin:

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Oh no. I took way too long to pick mine, there’s just so many I’d have in mind! I finally settled on people in more recent history otherwise it’d be full of ancient names lol

My final list is, in no order:
Bruce Lee.
Daniel Eddings, my favorite author.
Blanche Monnier…
My partner’s deceased grandmam.
Alice Roosevelt Longworth, US president Teddy Roosevelt’s daughter.


This is an incredible question. I choose…
An old friend (TK), old friend (RJ) , Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christopher Lloyd, Dr. Oz
To stay hopeful about this I chose all living people.


Thought-provoking question, coleandjojo! Here’s a first draft of my list.

George Booth ~ for a cartoon
Emily Dickinson ~ for a poem
Amelia Earhart ~ for the postmark
Martin Luther King, Jr. ~ for the dream
Willie Nelson ~ for a song


Hmmm, I’ll have to split this in to two lists (I went with the names that first popped in to my rather weird brain):

Gone But Not Forgotten
Mother Teresa
Margaret Thatcher
Leonardo Da Vinci
Woolly Wolstenholme
My Mum :heart:

Still Visiting This Planet
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama
Vladimir Putin
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
Hercule Van Wolfwinkle
Buzz Aldrin