British Newspaper piece about postcards in lockdown

In the Daily Mail today, there’s a two-page feature about using postcards to express guilty secrets, rage, disappointment, hope and every other human emotion. It’s quite funny, I hope this link works. (You might have to turn off your ad-blocker to read it.)


This sounds like she may have gotten her idea from Postsecret. If you’ve never heard of it, definitely look into it on the website or Facebook. Every Sunday new secrets are posted and this guy has been doing this for years and years, it’s pretty amazing! The power of a postcard📮

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This is great! :heart_eyes:
(What I didn’t understand was if she is doing the art with the subjects sent to her or if people are so talented and already sent it that way?)

It seems that if you sign up, she sends you a card with her return address already printed on the back, in an envelope. You fill in the blank side of the card with your own creation (as shown on that link) and mail it back to her.

I haven’t checked, but it’s probably aimed at UK readers/inhabitants, who are still in the most draconian lockdown in the world, and have been since the start of January.


I like it, being specifically aimed at lockdown.

The rainbow one hit harder than I expected from a random article about postcards tbh.

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Brilliant idea! and those stories, those secrets! Thanks for sharing!

Wow!! Thank you for showing!!! :heart: