Brazil Celebrating EASTER 2021 - Meeting 10/04/2021

April 10th, 2021 – Saturday Online Meeting at Zoom

We love a meetup, don’t we! So let’s go for one more!

Full of renovation and chocolate, let’s celebrate Easter!

DATE: …….…… 10/04/2021
COUNTRY: …… Brazil
CITY: …………… Online Meeting at Zoom
HOUR: .………… 16h (local time) (GMT-3)

For a change, we love to fill our meeting with games related to postcards.

You will show a postcard in the categories below , not necessarily being literal. The grace is precisely to make you convince us that your postcard fits in this category and so we can have a lot of laughs with that! The most voted will win small postal souvenirs!

1) Santa Ceia, Via Sacra, Ressurreição – trad: (Holy Communion, Via Crucis, Resurrection)

2) Caça aos Ovos, cadê o Coelho? – trad: (Egg Hunt, where is the Rabbit?)

3) Chocolate é bom e eu gosto! - trad: (Chocolate is good and I like it!)

As a last topic, we will then have a chat about the meaning of Easter in your locality, in your country, or how is Easter in your family.

4) Chat -> “My Easter”

And, of course, we will have a postcard specially created to celebrate the Easter, which will be later released to anyone who wants to purchase for their exchanges.

We invite everyone able to speak Portuguese to join the online meetup and be happy with us !! We will reunite Brazilian people from lots of states of the country.

Regards, Valéria Formigoni

São Paulo/SP - BRAZIL


Gostaria de participar. Obrigada.

Valeria Formigoni está convidando você para uma reunião Zoom agendada.

Tópico: Encontro Virtual de Páscoa
Hora: 10 abr. 2021 - Sabado - 04:00 da tarde São Paulo

Entrar na reunião Zoom

ID da reunião: 783 8502 5098
Senha de acesso: 314Fvb

Olá da Rússia! Posso receber um cartão de troca?

Hello Tasha !
Unfortunately, at this moment, we cannot send mail to Russia due to the Coronavirus restrictions.
As soon as they open, I can contact you.

Thanks for the reply. Stay healthy and we will wait for the end of the pandemic, I hope it will happen soon

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