Bookmarking a sub-category

Maybe I missed this question, I’m sorry.
How can I bookmark a subforum? Or is there some other way to get constant quick access to the desired section of the forum?
Now I often need to move between PM and the Russian subforum and quick access from bookmarks would not hurt. (Different tabs in the browser are not the same, because moving is sometimes required not only from PM, but also from another section of the forum).

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That’s a good point — from what I could find, it doesn’t seem to be possible use Discourse’s bookmarks for a sub-category.

For that particular case, if you have a specific sub-category that you need recurrent and quick access to (like the Russian sub-category), then maybe just using your browser bookmarks may be the simplest solution. Depending on your browser, it may then be just one click away once you bookmark it, with the downside that you’ll need to bookmark it once per each device you use.

Would that work for your case?

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This is not the best solution for my case, because I don’t use bookmarks in my browser. :thinking:

It is a pity that there is something like that on the forum.

In this case, it will be more convenient for me (the ease of use will show) not to forget to open private messages in a new tab when notifications arrive, and not mindlessly go to them immediately. Although with such convenient and quick navigation, I want to do just that. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I can’t find my bookmarks in this forum. For instance, I’m in the 2019 Bingo, and the host sent out the new location -

I went there and added a reply with which countries I had sent and received to since I joined. I updated the post and clicked on bookmark to save that post, but I can’t find where the bookmark went to go back to the location. How do you find anything you have bookmarked? I use various computers, a home computer, a work computer, a cellphone, an ipad, and I used to use favorites and could see the link to view favorites in the forum and it worked wherever I was. I don’t see the bookmarks anywhere on postcrossing, or on the computer.


You can find your bookmarks when you click on the avatar in the upper right corner and then select the bookmark symbol:

And you can also access them with this link:
Alas, it only shows the bookmarked topics, not private messages. With the link, however, you can order the bookmarked topics by date of activity!

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