Bookmark button

Is it possible to place the Bookmark button At the topof every Tag, Round Robin, etc? As it is now, you have to scroll way way down to get at it. Thank you.

You don’t have to scroll - just click on the last time designation at the bottom of the scroll bar

And for going back to the beginning of the topic you can click on the headline or to the first time designation of the scroll bar.

Or you bookmark the 1st post of the topic:
click below the 1st post the 3 dots Screenshot_2020-12-08 Postcrossing Community. and then Screenshot_2020-12-08 Postcrossing Community..


If you are doing that very often, a convenient shortcut for this is to hit f on your keyboard once you open a topic β€” that will allow it to bookmark it immediately.


or b which I find easier to remember. What should f stand for?

Not sure β€” maybe originally it was Follow?

Mind that b bookmarks a post, while f bookmarks a topic.