“Body seems unclear.”

I was posting my text in Chinese Forum just now. So I typed in Chinese. When I finished my text, I clicked the “reply”, Then I receive this sentence.

I was confused, so I clicked the “OK”, but only to find that I seems can’t post it since something wrong with the text. I am used to use “space” instead of the punctuation mark. I thought that maybe there is a system in the forum to check the grammar. So I deleted all of the “space”s and added the right marks to the right place. But to my surprise, I still couldn’t post it! I tried dozens of times, and received this sentence over and over again.:smiling_face_with_tear:
Then I deleted the second paragraph and tried to post it again. I succeeded. So I clicked the edit button to add the second paragraph back. I received this sentence!
I edited my innocent second paragraph one more time. I noticed I used an abbreviation “BF” for “boyfriend”. I changed it into the Chinese version “男友”, and then the second paragraph was posted.
I edited one more time to change “男友” into “bf” (lowercase letters), and it could be accepted too.
So, what is wrong with “BF”? I don’t know whether it is an abbreviation widely used in English, but sometimes I can add some random letters in my sentences, isn’t it? Or just remind me that there could be a grammar error, but don’t forbid me to post my sentences after I made sure that there is no error in my sentences.:smiling_face_with_tear:

A forum post need some minimum number of words, maybe that’s the reason?

I guess, even if you had Chinese text, the forum only “read” BF and I think we can’t make posts only in capital letters, so the error was because of that… :thinking:

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if i remember correctly there was a topic about this before, and @paulo explained that the service doesn’t recognise chinese letters. maybe someone else knows more about this than me.

that and i know for sure you can’t make a post with only capital letters.

Here the topic @mchay mentioned :wink:

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It is interesting that the second time I posted one paragraph instead of two or three, and it worked. But when I post all paragraphs, I couldn’t make it.

So on the side of the computer, it can only see two letters in my reply?:rofl:

Thank you! It is the very answer I want to find.:heart_eyes:
But is it a bug? I mean, even they won’t change the system, they could add a “I know” button. Not only people using Chinese, but also some users who want to post a reply with only some capital letters, need this change.
I think that sometimes there could be a general expression with only capital letters…:thinking:

Hi, it’s not a bug. It’s preventing people to shout at each other - messages in capital letters mean shouting.

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Using exclamation marks also means shouting, in particular when ‘giving lessons’. No intervention seen yet.

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Thank you for explaining.:stuck_out_tongue:It is seems a goodwill. But I still suggest that we can set up a button for users to make sure they are not yelling. So that a user can post his words after thinking carefully. If they stick to post sentences unfriendly, there are also many ways to deal with them, like the “flag”. But forbidding them simply is unfair, I think. The capital letters can do more things like attracting attention or expressing excitement. I am not sure whether the capital letters are so serious things in English. If there is a system to avoid dirty words, I can accept it naturally. But just two capital letters…?:rofl:
Or we can wait for the system to be able to recognize Chinese and Japanese. Before this, please make a clear notice… I searched for 10 minutes to make out what made my sentences incomplete.

For suggesting changes please go to the #postcrossing:suggestions part of the forum.