"Birthday card" = birthday-themed postcard or folded greeting card?

Hi there,
I’m a fairly new Postcrosser and understand this is a site for sending and receiving postcards. However, I’ve drawn several profiles where the person mentions they welcome “birthday cards” near their birthday month or “Christmas cards” in December or something similar. I’m not sure if that means the person is open to receiving folded greeting cards in an envelope or if they mean they’d welcome birthday-themed or holiday-themed postcards. Of course, asking them would then ruin the surprise of who drew them. Any experienced Postcrossers have thoughts on this (whether it’s okay to send a folded card in this instance instead of a postcard)?


I think card in that situation is just short for postcard


I guess there might be 3 groups of people out there who mentions birthday/Christmas cards:

  1. Those who prefer postcards
  2. Those who like both postcards and folded cards
  3. Those who prefer folded cards

It’s hard to tell which group a person is in when mentioning birthday/Christmas cards. I think it’s safest to send a birthday/Christmas postcard if that’s available to you. Maybe you can ask on the postcard you send (or in a message after the card has arrived) if they can clarify what they prefer in terms of postcards/folded cards.

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Postcrossing is a postcard exchanging side.
Therefore I would only send folded cards if the recipient stated explicit in the profile that sending of those cards is okay.


There exist birthday themed postcards and Christmas (and other holiday) themed postcards, so my first instinct would be that the person would be referring to a card like that, unless they state they like greeting cards too.

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as @Bille says, postcrossing is specifically for postcards so unless someone states otherwise you should just send postcards.
i ask for christmas and birthday cards every year and i do not feel the need to specify that i don’t want folded cards. i feel like that should be quite obvious. though then again i did receive some folded holiday cards. still happy with them as i’m sure people send them with good intentions but not what i’d expect.


Postcrossing is about postcards, not folded greeting cards, so I would send greeting cards only if the receiver asks for them or at least says they are okay.

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If I received a folded birthday card near my birthday I will be really happy, though I didn’t mention it in my profile. For others I’m not sure.

But I think you can put a birthday/holiday folded card and a non related postcard in the same envelope! just suggestion ;D

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I agree that they mean postcards (and I think that many wouldn’t mind a folded card because they’re just happy to receive greetings/wishes), however this was confusing for me too because in real life I have never seen a Christmas postcard and very rarely a birthday postcard. I know they must exist and I’ve seen them in pictures, but it is not that obvious.