Best techniques to take off stamps

I am interested in taking off stamps from postcards for my students then offering the rest to postcrossets but I don’t know how to do it. any tips ?

I have never removed stamps off postcards. I prefer them stamped and I would be worried of damaging both cards and stamps, if I tried. Some however do that and there are different methods discussed here:


Think it over? In totalaity you reduce the “culture value” of these human communicating media by removing stamps. Stamps as mass goods can be obtained cheap for students purposes. Even stuck to paper outtake. Better for students to learn how to remove stamps themselves when the totality already is destroyed :slight_smile:

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DON’T DO THAT A postcard butchered like that is worthless. I have had to throw out quite a few cards like that.

Here is a video with tips from Exploring Stamps.

I personally would never remove a stamp from any of my postcards, but once the postcard has been sent to its recipient I have no control over what they do with it. We could only hope that they not remove it but that’s the risk we take. I think there’s a handful of people on Postcrossing that only really care about the stamps and nothing else. We don’t get to choose what people do with their mail.