Best sites for interesting postcards? (Ireland/EU)

If you’re looking for some nice cards, I recommend


If you can take good pictures you cand print out some cards self. Something about your town your country and something like that. Or if u have kice cards many peoples exchange postcards here.

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I can recommend my own little postcards and sticker online shop (based in France) :sweat_smile::blush:

As being myself a very passionate postcrosser, I try to offer postcards and stickers that can be perfect for postcrossing :smiley:

Happy postcrossing!!!



In the German forum you can find this topic with lots of online shops - I’m the host, but not to be held responsible for any shopping frenzy. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

(If you use a browser like Chrome, you can let it translate the German hints about the shops.)

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They ship to the whole European Union, UK and Switzerland. The cards are really good.

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The quality of self printed cards is often low, for usual home printers are not really made to print postcards and pictures in high quality.


Ok than my printer must be Luxus:) i thought today any printer make good pictures.

Here’s the wiki section link with online shops by country

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People still have old printers and in my opinion only offset printing makes good pictures :slight_smile:
Also the printers often don’t handle the cardboard, only papery options, which I think are not sturdy enough for postcards.

@reimuni, is there something like ebay Ireland you could find older and/or cheaper lots to buy?

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Why not taking new cards? I think most people would not be very fond of getting yellowed cards in the syle of the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s.

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Most of the newer cards I can get here (in tourist shops etc) are very samey and not very exciting (like this: Buy Pack Of Six Postcards Depicting Scenes From Historic Ireland | Carrolls Irish Gifts). The older cards I try to get only ones which are good quality, and they have more interesting scenes on them.

But you usually send the cards to different persons, who have not been to these places and have not got many cards from there.
I’d rather get a new card from the ones you linked to than getting one with the design of the 70’s. Just my 2 cents. You are freee to send any postcard you like.

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There is but most of the cards are not for Ireland, funnily enough! I’ll keep looking :smiley:

I buy and send lots of touristic cards of Ireland and people seem to really appreciate them. Many times I got comments from postcrossers who looked at my album saying I have so many wonderful cards… And they are all the touristic cards bought in the local shops here. Except for the few we had printed from our own photos…


Ireland is somewhat rare I think, so for the receiver it’s nice to get the typical cards too. But I understand it can get boring for the sender. For me one of the fun parts is to choose and write different cards.

For example there are only few cards of my city, they are old already in the shops, so buying these is not so fun and I always hope there would be new ones, but they just rearrange the old photos :frowning: if even that.

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I suppose everyone has different opinions! I’ll pick up a few more from the usual tourist shops :smiley:

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Yes, of course, but people looking for ywllowed cards are quite rare.

If you are looking for VERY unique postcards (sometimes even shocking), is a place to look. They make postcards collections in collaboration with various organizations and then donate the profit. So you can find one-of-a-kind cards there.

Ireland is so beautiful! I am sure most of the people are happy to receive a touristic card from there :slight_smile: