Belgian postal service

Greetings postcrossers! This is a question for all belgian postcrossers or people who have sent postcards from that country.
I visited the country at the beginning of October and obviusly I sent cards to my family and friends and 9 through postcrossing on travel mode. I sent postcards from Brussels, Brugge and Charleroi. The ones I sent from Brussels were sent with a stamp bought at the atomium shop without a priority sticker and posted it in a street postbox, the ones sent from Brugge were sent with stamps bought in a souvenirs shop without a priority sticker and posted them in a normal postbox. The ones sent in charleroi though, were sent from a post office with a priority sticker. Right, this was the week from the 4th to the 8th of october and all my postcards sent from Charleroi arrived to their destination within 6 or 7 days (even a postcard to the USA), however the rest haven’t arrived yet and I start to get a bit worried.
Can anyone from Belgium calm me down and tell me my postcards will arrive safe please;)?

Belgian stamps for mail to Europe or to the rest of the world do often have the word priority on themselves. Did the stamps from Brussels and Brugge have that? For otherwise you might have put too low postage on the cards.