Barcelona- dónde puedo comprar sellos?And postcards?

sorry to write in English…as I have experienced difficulties to buy stamps in other countries I want to ask where as a tourist in Barcelona would be the best place to buy stamps please?
Your ABCD seems quite a challenge…
Muchas gracias


Hello @Nandi108

In Spanish Post Offices and in some Tobacco Shops are the places to buy them.

This is a image of one Spanish Post Office: I hope you can recognised with this picture

But until Monday or Tuesday they are closed this week. Easter time.

Welcome to Spain and I hope you have a nice time here :kissing_heart:

If you need to know how much cost send to every place:
Stamp rates: You can found a letter in the stamp too. We have both of them, with letter and with the price.

Letter (A)
Spain to Spain 0.78€

Letter (B)
Spain to Europe 1.65€

Letter (C)
Spain to Rest of the world and Albania, Armenia, Bosnia, Cyprus, Georgia, Malta, and Moldavia 1.75€

Letter (D)
Spain to USA, Russia, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand 2.10€


Muchas gracias

Was able to buy these at my local stamp dealer,he said they are still valid.I like to combine stamps…


Only stamps in euros are valid.
Stamps before 2002 with price only in “pesetas” (our last currency) are not valid.
Be sure they have the price in Euros.

Euro and pesetas (both prices in the same stamp are valid)

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Los sellos con doble precio en eyros y pesetas son validos. Han dejado de tener valor los sellos en pesetas ya que desde el 1 de julio de 2021 no se pueden canjear por sellos en euros.
Lo mismo ocurre con monedas y billetes en pesetas. El banco de España dejo de cambiarlos el 1 de julio de 2021.
Por tanto todos los sellos con doble nominacion en pesetas y euros son validos.
Tambien se pueden combinar sellos con valor expresados en euros con letras. ( un sello de tarifa A + un sello tarifa A2 = 1,66 € .La tarifa para Europa es 1,65 = tarifa B asi que ponemos 1 centimo de mas
Tambien un sello de 0,10 + un sello tarifa B = 1,75 € que es la tarifa internacional C )


Vaya, no tenía ni idea de que se podían canjear los sellos al igual que billetes y monedas. Si lo llego a saber habría cambiado los álbumes de filatelia que tengo por casa ocupando sitio y ya no interesan a nadie, alguien los hubiera aprovechado. :sweat_smile:


Thanks a lot for all replies.Now to the topic of postcards,OK everywhere plenty of Sagrada Familia etc,but is there a shop where I can geht more unusual cards?

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