Bangkok - Where to find map / cute / illustration postcards of Bangkok?

Can anybody suggest where to find map / cute / illustration postcards of Bangkok? Does the local post offices in Bangkok sell postcards? Thanks…

I’ve just seen this topic. I’m not sure that I reply to you in timely manner.

As I know, you can find postcards of Bangkok (cute or illustration) at these place :

  • Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre (Near BTS National Stadium) -many chic postcards are here. You’ll see some artists postcard on many shops, but you’ll surely find them at BACC Shop on 5th floor.
  • Sam Sen Nai Philatelic Museum (Near BTS Saphan Kwai) - it has some postcards and many issues of stamps. (I usually buy some high-value stamps for postcard here.)
  • Naiin Bookstore at Suvarnabhumi Int’l Airport (Departure Hall) - I used to see postcards here.

Some major bookstores in downtown maybe have postcards, too. But I cannot guarantee that they has postcards available for sale. And you may find postcards in some shops in major traveling places or provinces, e.g. Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Amphawa (Samut Songkram), etc.

For map postcards of Bangkok, I haven’t seen them at all. I think I should make it by myself. (DIY)

Thank you so much for the information! I’ll be leaving next thursday so your reply is very helpful :slight_smile:

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Having just returned back from Bangkok and having to send out almost 30 postcards, it’s a doozy to find postcards in Bangkok.

  • Asiabooks inside Paragon Mall - some designs but not many, I got some fancy 3d postcards for 89 baht here and 6 postcards for 100 baht. They sold stamps here but only 1 variety.

  • Stamp Store inside IconSiam - only sold very big postcards and limited variety of views, I did buy some fancy beautiful stamps here (pricey) 35 baht per a postcard I believe.

  • Elephant Palace in Ayutthaya - Elephant related postcards, a bit old and dusty. I was probably the first person in a while to purchase some. I think 25 baht per a postcard.

I somehow managed to find enough postcards but I was definitely worried I might not have found enough before my trip was over. Some places that did have postcards didn’t have Thailand related ones (Loft had japanese cities related ones)

Next time I go back, I’ll purchase some from Postcard - museshop for my relatives to hold onto until I can grab them. Or buy some from Lazada or Shopee. Although that can be difficult if you aren’t familiar with Thai Language.

I’ll be doing more research next time I return! Because I definitely want to exchange postcards again.
Currently the postal rateis 40baht per a postcard. I had to use many different stamps to get to 40baht.


Forgot to post an update:
I found various postcards at Bangkok Arts and Culture Center, as mentioned by tumkrubb. The shop on the Ground floor had beautiful illustrated postcards though slightly expensive. On the higher floors were view cards (cheaper) & at the BACC shop were also a few selections of beautiful postcards (more expensive).

For stamps, I was satisfied with the philatelic museum which also had a few view cards. Btw, the museum is near the Chatuchak weekend market, so quite convenient as well to do both on the same day.

Thanks for the info @tumkrubb !


In my opinion, postcards in Bangkok aren’t easy to find, but I’ve to seek for various postcard for various postcrossers, and various postcards on my wall.

Postal postcard rate for THB 40 is quite expensive for Thai postcrossers (and me, too). And I’ve to use many stamps (with less writing space) for each postcards as you said. (At least two 15-baht stamps or a 25-baht stamp and another stamps.)


You’re welcome.
I hope you have a happy trip in Thailand, and happy with writing and sending the postcards from Thailand. :blush:

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I agree! I wish I had found your recommendations before I went but was too busy to really spend too much time online. I thought it would be easier to find postcards in Bangkok actually! But postcards seem to just be rarer in physical stores in general. I was surprised by how expensive postage is in Thailand as it’s almost on par with US postage prices, same with the prices of postcards actually. I could buy a kilo of chompoo for the price of my fancy postcard or a few bowls of boat noodles. I’ve spent more money on individual postcards in Thailand than from NYC. Hahaha 35 baht on average compared to the 10 cents in NYC I buy mine for. I found that really charmingly amusing. :joy:

I ended up using 2x 12THB + 1x 10THB + 2x 3THB or 3x 10THB + 2x 5THB stamps. I definitely spent a lot more on the pretty 3baht and 5baht stamps because I wanted to have more variety for my swaps. I probably spent 90USD on my swaps but it was worth it. :laughing:

I’ll make sure to go to the places you recommend next time I go. XD But I hope there will still be postcards around when I do! :smile:

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I’m going to visit Thailand next week and I’m looking for current price for international postcard.
Is 40THB still valid?
Thank you very much for help!

Yes. Postage fee for international postcard in Thailand is still the same at THB 40.
Have a nice trip! :blush:

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There is a store on the international airport that sells Postcards. I don’t remember the name but it is at the back side of the baggage counters.

If you are visiting Pattaya, there is a shop selling cards inside the Pattaya Floating Market. Also the Sanctuary of Truth Museum in Pattaya sells Postcards of the monument.

For stamps, there is a post office at the Bangkok airport. It is on right corner behind the baggae counters