Baltic States vs. Mail to/from Russia

Can users of Postcrossing from the Baltic States send to/receive mail from Russia?

One user on the Polish forum asked this question.

Everything is written on the Postal Monitor!
At the moment, it’s said Poland cannot receive/send mail to Russia.

I wouldn’t trust 100 percent this postal monitor. My local post office in Poland told me that South Africa on this “black list”, not only Russia. So this postal monitor is outdated.

That is why I am asking people from the Baltic States, i.e users from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia:)

However, it looks like those states don’t have problems with Russia.

You can use the list on the website of polish post, the local post offices sometimes don’t give the correct information.

If Rosja = Russia, then the list says that Poland cannot send to Russia.

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From Estonia its possible to send to Russia

Please check the topic mentioned above by @linos203 for updates, and to report outdated information on the Postal Monitor — let’s not have multiple topics for the same thing.