Aviston Elementary state project (2022-2023 school year)

The fourth grade at Aviston Elementary, located in southern Illinois, is learning about the United States and the different environments, climates, resources and highlights found in each region.

The kids in the class think it would be fun to receive postcards, souvenirs, resources and any other information about our great country from each of the 50 states.

We hope people who read this letter will be interested in mailing items to our class pertaining to their state.

Aviston Elementary
Attn: Shelly Albers
350 South Hull St
Aviston, IL 62216
United States of America

This is a project that the 4th graders at Aviston Elementary do every year. I emailed the teacher and they are doing it again this school year (2022-2023 school year). I did ask her permission and she gave me permission to post the information here (the education forum at Postcrossing).


Happy to do this! Thank you for the opportunity!

If you are still asking for a postcards, I would be happy to send some. My family lives all around the US and I have many from my travels there. I can send you one from Utah where I live. And I could send you something from other states as well. Which states do you need?

The teacher will be collecting postcards and other items until May. You can mail them items from any states, even if they already got items from that state.

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Thank you for the information. Best regards

I have a postcard from Texas in my outgoing mail for them!

I have sent a postcard from North Carolina!

Fourth graders request items to learn about Iowa

The fourth graders at Aviston Elementary in southern Illinopis will be studying the five different regions in the United States. We will learn about each region’s environment, climate, resources, history, and main highlights. We are hoping to get volunteers to mail us some items from their state/region with your help by publishing this letter or information.

In the past, we have the kids open the mail in small groups, mount the information and arrange the items in front of large, decorated state boards, and respond with thank you letters before opening the next piece of mail. Finally, each group will present and share the information with the rest of the class. A “State Fair” will also be presented in the cafeteria to display the state boards including all the items received for each state. At the end of the year, an auction is held, and the students are able to purchase items with their awarded “money” they earn in class.

We are hoping that with your help, people who read this letter will be interested in mailing our class items pertaining to their state. This is such an amazing opportunity for our students!

Please send items to:

4th Grade/Albers

Aviston Elementary

350 South Hull Street

Aviston, IL 62216

A sincere “thank you” to anyone who is able to contribute! We appreciate the excitement you will add to our learning experience!

This is one of the letters that was published in a newspaper this year (February 1, 2023).