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Do you prefer to view an album of available postcards for swap in one single folder or sorted into categories?
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I personally think categories are better
As if they are in a single album they may all be mixed , and it will take a lot of time for those who like a specific type of card to find the card they like
But , if you have categories , people can easily navigate and find what they like , Example :railways , harry potter etc
These are my views

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See this one my initial thought, too. But then what if you have something like…a black and white animal card. It’s in the animal album and not the black and white album, so if you need a black and white card and there are none available you have to go searching through each album.

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For my stock card blank use for swap or send ussually i put in one single albun but i sort it on inside by category/theme.

For my collection card i sort by category or by theme and use a different album each others with different colour album also.

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When someone has a max of ~100 cards it might be fine to put it all in one album. But if there are (many) more it becomes tiring to scroll past. Whenever I hit more than 50-100 cards in a single album I try to split it further. An example would be my animal (photo) cards, I have around 600 - way too many for just one album, right? Who would want to scroll through? So I split it in pets / wild animals / domestic animals… but still… ~350 wild animals… so I split it further etc

For online albums it’s mostly possible to have one picture assigned to multiple albums.

so in this case you would upload it once, but assign it to both categories :slight_smile:


I know this is a feature on Flickr, but I use Google Drive for my albums. :-/ They don’t have this feature.

Then it’s a bit harder to decide indeed. I don’t have a b/w album, so for me it would be in the animal one. But really, it depends on your stock and mostly where would YOU look first.

edit: Seems there is a way to add it to multiple folders :slight_smile:

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It depends on the amount of postcards, I think. If there’s relatively few postcards, I think it’s OK with one album. If there’s more postcards but all are related (all views for instance), I think it’s OK with one album as well. But besides that, I tend to prefer several albums.


When I first started Postcrossing, I put my cards in an album. And then it just got too much and I couldn’t find anything even though I had put them in chronological order of when I received them. So I started putting my postcards in boxes, sorted by country. I also have a private blog where I’ve written my notes on each postcard and then tagged them with not only country but by keywords, including subject. That way, if I sort of remember a postcard but am not sure what country it is from, I can do a search on my blog.

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I prefer if postcards are sorted into categories if I am trading with someone or choosing a card in an offer tag. I can go right to the category instead of looking through pages of cards. Using categories for my offers also helps me because I use them to select a card for someone on the official side. Sometimes I can’t remember all the cards I have, which probably means I have too many cards!


I voted for one album because for now i have only few uploaded. But ive started to feel the need to divide in categories… I like categories but there is a chance someone might miss seeing a card he/she could like because it is in a category they didnt look (because of the title). Also, what for me goes under “views” for some is “forest”, for some “nature”. Maybe Id like the photo of autumn leaves, but id never look in a category of “forest”.

What do you do about things that are not specific? A cup of coffee, a joke, an art print, a “been there done that” from a country etc. Does an illustration of a deer and a moose go under animals, or under illustrations?

Categorising is an underrated art!

I thought about these for ages! I have a category “Illustrations” with a subfolder illustrated animals… so no illustrated animals in the main animal category.

Everything country-specific is in the view & touristic card category, but general forest, mountains (with unknown location) in landscape… but there is no right or wrong… just whatever works best for you.

it is true that those kind of systems are not unified. For me a b&w artistic photo of an old couple in Iceland would never fit to Iceland category even if it was clearly written on the card. It would be either b&w or people theme… but so confusing still!

as I said before: often multiple categories apply and with many software solutions it’s possible to put one scan in multiple categories :slight_smile:

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Google photos have feature to put photos in different categories (I do both - have folder with everything and categorized, same for received - sorted by countries and collections), but then you can’t share the link to all folders, only links to separate folders (sharing function is very confusing there)

Thx for your post. I am new. Can you recommend an online album website?


Ack…I meant ro reply to a specific post that mentioned an online album, but it seems I replied to the whole thread!

I’ll figure this out eventually!

flickr is really nice and easy to use. It’s also free if you have less than 1000 pictures

As someone who briefly studied to be a librarian, wholeheartedly yes!

My offers used to categorized by publisher which worked for me, but I guess is terribly confusing for people browsing…


At the moment I am in the process of cleaning out my offer albums and starting virtually from scratch, so probably one album with a mix of cards.
There were way too many cards, too many albums. I was losing track. :crazy_face:

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