Australia Post prices increase 1st March

YET AGAIN, Auspost increases prices on all items, including postcards. Cards to Europe will now cost $3,50 , up 30 cents or nearly 10%. Time they brought back the Prices Justification Tribunal . And they wonder why customers are leaving !!!


Yikes :cold_sweat:

What about the price of prepaid postcards from Australia Post?

That’s crazy! How much will postcards to the US and Canada cost?

This is new:

We used to only have three zones - NZ, Asia-Pacific, Rest of the World (including Europe and the Americas).

Now, we have five different stamp prices to keep track of! And I guess Rest of the World is now Africa, all of the Americas apart from US/Canada, probably the middle east… what a confusing mess.


Since parcel post is supposed to be the most profitable part of the ‘business’, wouldn’t they be rolling in it right now?

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That’s so stupid. In the U.S I can send postcards to any country with an International stamp.


Same in Germany. We have one price for national postcards and one for international ones. No matter if you send them to the Netherlands or Australia.

Five different zones!!! :sob: :sob: :sob:
And those prices are horrible!! :dizzy_face:

Prepaid postcards are $2.40 at the Australia Post on line shop

Let’s all go the prepaid postcards. :expressionless:

Only I have heaps of stamps here. :sweat_smile:
Can you check the countries in those zones anywhere? Like, what’s Russia?

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You can check the price for individual countries in the price calculator. I can’t find a list anywhere saying which countries are in which zone.

This probably won’t work until the new prices come in though, as right now the calculator will just use the current zones.

It used to be this way in Australia too. So much simpler.

Since we have one price for the whole world, it’s become so expensive here :frowning: It costs the same to send a card to Germany and Australia and costs twice as much as the postcard to Australia from the time when I started Postcorssing. I actually wish we could still have 4 world zones like we used to. At least Europe would be more affordable to send :frowning:

I think soon sending actual mail will become a hobby for millionaires :cry: I’m really sorry for your price increase.

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Thanks @helent ! That calculator is useful!!

Yes, it is a disgrace how AUS Post is doing this to us. It is going to close lots of accounts again. I had a friend through postcrossing who worked at a local shop and she already quit when postage went to $ 3.20. I will send fewer cards and use up my Maxi cards where I can. Thanks for publishing this here!

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It really sucks. Probably only north Europe countries like Danmark and Sweden will be more expensive than Australia. I think I will send more cards at Christmas time which is only $2.2. Or I can go to some Asian countries to send the postcard. For example, in China, sending a postcard anywhere in the world will always less than $1.

I think the zones make more sense for European postal services, since there are so many other countries nearby right on the same continent.

I think a flat rate for the whole of Australia makes sense because everything is far away from us. Plus, I think these increases are especially frustrating because—at least speaking for myself, anecdotally—Australia Post doesn’t really do a very good job of things, so it’s kind of like “Okay, but what are we getting for our money?” Not much, it seems.

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I went to the post office yesterday to buy stamps. Even the lady who served me was confused. Disappointing to have to pay such a significant increase. Will definitely be sending mostly Australia post postcards now to keep costs down,