Australia Post price increase

Australia post is increasing it’s prices from September 5th. Old vs New prices below.

New Zealand: $2.40 > $2.60
Asia and Pacific: $2.70 > $2.90
USA and Canada: $3.40 > $3.50
UK and Europe: $3.50 > $3.70
Rest of world: $3.70 > $4.00

If Australia ever let’s us send mail to Russia again (classed as ROTW) I’m going to have to consider maxicards. $4.00 postage is so much.


Gosh. $4 for rest of the world is astronomical

I remember when International postage was around $2.

Cost for parcels is increasing too, also domestic letters


I’m so sorry postage is going up for residents of Oz. It seems like everything is going up, and costs are getting out of control – food, rent, etc.

It looks a bit odd to see that North America is cheaper than Europe, as it’s the other way around so often.

eh… I thought Canada has some of the most expensive postage rates in the world, but it’s only equivalent of 4 AUD for an international postcard (non-US) in comparison. I guess it’s prob because Aussies are so far away from rest of the world. I feel your pain :frowning:

Yikes! I knew your postage was high but I never realized it was that high. Thanks to all who sent me cards from Australia!!!

Oh gosh - again!!! And it is a big jump too - they are so mean to us postcrossers.