Australia post has minimum $30 limit on its online stamps' products free delivery

Any purchase under $30 will have to pay an extra $5 delivery fee. In this way, I wouldn’t buy a maxicard as often as before. Good job Australia Post. After increasing the International postage. It is the 2nd measure to increase the cost of Postcrosser in this year.


They really do want to make sending mail as hard as possible…


Yes I was so disappointed when I noticed this on the website earlier today. Unbelievable!

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I saw that this morning when I ordered my Olympic cards. By the time I buy a few maxis and prepaids my order is always over $30 anyway. What I think is obscene is the $5. I don’t mind them charging but it should just be $1.10. Some PO’s in the CBD and in suburbs have maxis and prepaids if you just want a couple. People in regional areas probably wont have an alternative and as usual will be hardest hit by the changes.