AusPost says it’ll eventually stop delivering/offering letter posting services

I was just watching the news and a spokesman from AusPost says they will be moving their deliveries to a more lucrative service.

What does this mean for postcrossers?:broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:


It’s incredibly disheartening to see companies prioritize profit over people. This kind of mentality seems to be a prevalent trend in our current economy, and it can be frustrating to see it affecting such a beloved and meaningful community like this.

However, despite this reality, I’ve seen firsthand how Postcrossing has had such a positive impact on a very personal level. In a world that can often feel disconnected and impersonal, Postcrossing is a shining beacon spot that reminds us of the power of human connection.

So, while it’s unfortunate that companies like AusPost are making decisions that may negatively impact the Postcrossing community, I believe that the impact of Postcrossing on its users is far greater and more valuable than any profit they could make!


I imagine it will be a gradual change from letters to your house to letters to your post office. Or maybe having to send letters with a tracked or signed service to earn more money.


Some further detail via this article:

Not happy Jan!


As far as I understood the articles, they are considering not stopping business at all, but fewer delivieries to their customers plus rise in prices:

“We’ll deliver mail till the last letter is delivered but how we do that is a discussion we are having with the government, the union and other stakeholders,” he said. “Part of that is frequency and part is looking at the price of stamps.”


Most of the article was blocked to me but I read “end of daily delivery”…this has been discussed in the US, I would be ok with mail delivery 2 or 3 days a week as most times my box is empty anyway. I rent a PO box in my vacation house town but the rental cost keeps increasing and it rarely has anything either.


@Izzy2018 makes a very good point about scaling back delivery days. For as long as I remember, I always felt Saturday mail delivery should be ended. Of course, advertisers would have none of that. Others said it would increase the volume of mail on the other days. Those folks have their heads in the sand. Mail volume has decreased dramatically over the years.

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Here in the Netherlands they stopped delivering mail on Mondays. The volume has always been much smaller on Mondays since business is closed on the weekend, all companies´ mail is already delivered on Saturday.
They are considering cutting back more days. I think this is a likely scenario for other countries as well.


In Finland we haven’t got mail every day in years. In some point tuesday was a mail free day. In my part of the city post started to deliver mail only every second day (One week on mon, wed and fri. Next week on tue and thu) last year. And at least in 30 years we haven’t had mail delivery on weekends (if ever?). Newspapers are only thing what you can get every day in your mailbox.

So I guess that mail and cards will still arrive in Australia, but in different way / time / cost than before.


I live in Canberra, Australia and haven’t received daily letter deliveries for about a year already (we received a notice about it some time last year). I think our postie currently comes three days a week (I use a PO Box so I’m not actually sure what days he delivers on).

I think this may be the situation in many countries these days, unfortunately. People don’t send as much mail as they did 10-20 years ago.

Although it’s sad, it’s also understandable.

Here in Norway we get mail delivered every second day (M-W-F one week, and T-T the next). They also closed many of the post offices, so now instead we hav “post i butikk” meaning “mail in store” where you go to your local grocery shop or hardware store or similar (whoever got the deal with the postal service company) and they have a small desk next to their store counter.

My experience is the people who work there are not as experienced whenever you want something out of the regular. I miss having a post office, and checking my mailbox every day. But there’s also lots of other things I miss from the 90’s, and I guess I won’t be getting any of these things back anytime soon :sweat_smile:

:greece: Until 2019 in Greece I was regularly sending invoices and other business documents by post. During the COVID lockdown people requested that most paper documents should be scanned and e-mailed. Also the Greek government has enforced that private businesses use only digital invoices directly uploaded to their servers using authorized software.

Wow! I am in the US and my mailbox is full everyday. We are a family of 5 and we get tons of letters and packages. If ever a day went by where there wasn’t any mail, I would be worried about my carrier. :joy_cat:

Parcel delivery is a big part of USPS now…but after I downsized I stopped buying stuff, although I occasionally order a few postcards online. Sometimes I miss getting parcels but I hope to retire and move in 5 years so it’s time to seriously declutter everything!!

In my area there never is daily delivery, we are lucky if we get mail once a week! But recently I’ve have to wait for weeks until new post arrives, so I guess it’s not the best option, but it is there.